Friday Fun Links… the best of!

Char here…

In just a FEW days, we’ll be celebrating one year of We’re celebrating with a BIG BIRTHDAY BASH, and you are invited!  (Pssst, you might want to click on that link and read the Birthday Bash post.  Then you just might want to leave a comment and twitter and fb… just sayin’).

As I was thinking about what to write about for today’s Fun Friday Links, it occurred to be that a “best of” post might be fun.  Teresa might not ever think to point to some of her best posts throughout the year, so I figured I could do it for her!  (And just a tiny hint to those of you paying attention: these links MIGHT just help a little with a game we’ll be playing next Wednesday).

So, here goes… some of the best of, from year one:

Happy Almost One-Year Birthday, Teresa!  Love ya!

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