Lilly the Lash-A Character Building Book Series

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What if there were a character-building series of books for children that encouraged children to think ahead to the consequences of their actions? That’s exactly what “The Life and Times of Lilly the Lash” book series does. In addition, the series also has lesson plans for teachers and therapists, a motivational board game, and craft activities designed to help learning. All of these can be downloaded for free here.

My favorite way of testing children books to see if they meet the “grandkid approved” standard is to read them to my own grandchildren.  The first one we read was…

The Kacklin’ Kitchen

This is book four of the series and in this story Lilly the Lash tackles the concepts of bullying and teaches the value of respect. With a kitchen as the setting and baking ingredients as characters, Lilly uses a cream cake to help the milk carton (the bully) comprehend a better way of behavior.

My granddaughter’s favorite character in the book (other than Lilly the Lash) was the broom.

book series

Jungle Jive

In this book, the fifth of the series, the topic of greed is tackled and Lilly (who is only ever seen by the reader) sends a gentle bear to provide guidance and restore balance to their town.

This is the book my two year old grandson liked the best. He loves monkeys! I think I know why he identifies with them, he’s such a little monkey himself.

book series 2

The illustrations and rhyming verse are fun but at the same time, full of meaning.

Lilly the Lash

Lilly the Lash is only seen by the reader, but she’s pictured throughout the book and reminds me of a delightful looking fairy with an eyelash on her back instead of wings.

birds in book series

All the images are fun-loving and colorful with an eye for detail.

book series nest

They are so real looking you almost think they are going to walk off the page!

About the Author

Julie Woik is a talented writer and poet originally from Wisconsin, who has lived in Sarasota, Florida for the last 32 years. There are more Lilly the Lash books in the works and Julie invites you to visit her  awesome web site and check out all 5 books, the board game, lesson plans and other activities available there. You can order her books there and she will even autograph them for you for free!

Oh, and one more thing you will love about these books, a percentage of sales go to a different cause with each book. For example, Jungle Jive supports the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.


  1. These sound like really good books.

  2. teresak 17 Oct, 2016

    Thank you for commenting Petula! They are!