Parenting: The Toughest Job You Will Ever Love


Some say  that the Peace Corp is the toughest job you will ever love…I say it’s parenting.  I ran across the poster above at and couldn’t resist showing it to you.

Kids do not come with instruction manuals. If you have two, they will be different. If you have five (like me) they will all be different (even if two of them are identical twins).

If you are pregnant and taking childbirth classes I have some advice for you. Don’t worry so much about childbirth. The baby will get her one way or the other. Worry more about what you are going to do with the baby after it gets here.

Read every book you can about raising children and then put them on the shelf (or in a yard sale) because you aren’t going to have time to go back and re-read them once the baby gets here.

Yes, the picture above is cute and funny, but believe me it’s funny because parenthood is hard.

NanaHood is much, much easier. Keep that in mind when you hit the rough spots with your own kids. Feel free to occasionally say to them, “When you grow up I hope you have one just like you!”   Because more than likely, they will.

Hugs to you my cyber friends!


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  1. Great advice! Funny timing… My Husband e-mailed me that photo just yesterday. =)