What’s grape, chewy and just a little bit gross?

A 3 lb. grape Gummy Bear!

A 3 lb. grape Gummy Bear!

This is what my son, Justin, gave his girlfriend, Jessi. He gave her something else, too. But the Gummy Bear made her smile the most.

Later today I’ll try to get a picture on of what he gave me. You won’t believe it….I didn’t!

Okay, it’s later in the day and as promised here is my Christmas present from Justin the jokester.

soap poop 004

I sincerely hope you are not as grossed out as I was, but even though it looks nasty it’s a bar of soap.

This was inside the box.

This was inside the box.

What can I say? I have four sons and seven dogs and six of the seven dogs are males. Guys have a warped sense of humor. In there minds gross = funny.

If any of you have boys or grandsons I don’t have to explain…I know you understand!


  1. Our house has 4 boys and dogs so my wife has to deal with this kind of humor all day long.

    Grape, chewy and gross? Gum under the table. Am I right?

  2. teresak 28 Dec, 2010

    It could have been gum, but it was actually a gummy bear!