Rally for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Some of the most touching messages I have received since I started NanaHood have been from grandparents who are raising grandchildren. They face so many challenges and often they have limited resources.

Not long ago I ran across some information about a rally for these grandparents and I wanted to share it with you.

National GrandRally

Gather with us on September 15th at 1:00 p.m. at the U. S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., as grandparents and other relative caregivers from across the country take part in the 4th National GrandRally.   The GrandRally is a powerful way to gain lawmakers’ attention and to focus on the importance of relative caregivers—the challenges they face and the contributions they make.   In the midst of scarce resources and a tumultuous economy, relative caregivers keep children safe and in stable homes.  The GrandRally will be an historic opportunity to celebrate, create momentum, expand awareness and build upon the success from previous GrandRallies.  For more information, visit www.grandrally.org email grandrally.yvonne2011@yahoo.com or speak with GrandRally staff at 215-844-4744.

If I Had My Way….

I would load up a van full of Kentucky and Tennessee grandparents who are raising their grandchildren (I live in Kentucky but near the Tennessee border) and take them all to Washington.  We’d take our time going and coming back. We’d stop and eat at a Cracker Barell or two and we’d show each other pictures of our grandchildren and tell stories about how smart, pretty/handsome they all are.

Since I can’t afford to do that I will settle for telling you about it, praying that grandparents who want to go can find a way to, and most of all that their voices are heard and that they receive the financial and emotional support they need to do their job well.

God bless grandparents raising grandchildren!


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  2. We’re still relatively new to raising our grandson who is now 28 months old. We’re in the final stages of adopting him and it is quite overwhelming at times. Your blogs have amused, inspired and educated me (I’d never heard of the GrandRally prior), thank you! I’ve only recently begun my own blog and hope I’m able to keep my readers as amused and informed as you have obviously done. I’ll be sure to keep following you!

  3. teresak 21 Aug, 2012

    Blessings to you Lorna! And to your grandson! Thanks for stopping by and do come back!