Pacifier Straps You Can Make!

Cute and Colorful Pacifier Straps You Can Make!

By, Tiffany Secula

I love to craft!  Nothing I do is all that glamorous or difficult, but it is fun. Today I wanted to share with you all an item that is super easy to make.    It is a pacifier strap. If you are a mom or a nana you know how important a pacifier strap can be!

pacifier straps you can make

To get started making your pacifier strap you need a clip (usually called a suspender clips or mitten clips) and ribbon.It takes roughly 18 inches of 3/8 inch to 1 inch wide ribbon and about 5 inches of ¼ inch.  I have put together a photo collage with the step by step process because writing it out will make it seem harder than it is. I promise if you can use a sewing machine you can do this!

Step One: Get your ribbon, run the long ribbon through the clip and fold in half.

Two: Place in your machine, I put my need offset to the left to get as close as possible to the clip. Start stitching alongside the clip, leave the needle in the ribbon at the edge, raise the foot and turn a quarter turn.

Three: Stitch all the way down the long side until you are about to the end. Here I turn my bottom end up, loop my small ribbon and place on top, then fold under the top half of ribbon and place down on the others.

Four: Stitch to the end.

Five: Quarter turn and stitch across the end.

Six: Quarter turn and stitch down the other side about ½ an inch.

Seven: Quarter turn and stitch back across to side one. ( You will make a small square with your stitches. You want to make sure your inside ribbon which will hold your pacy is super secure!)

Eight: Quarter turn and stitch half way back up the square.

Nine: Quarter turn again and make a “halfway” stitch. This will ensure the ribbon ends are stitched 3 separate times.

Ten: Quarter turn again and finish stitching the length of side two.

Eleven: Quarter turn one more time and stitch across by the clip once more to finish.

Steps for Visual Learners:

pacifier straps you can make

The last picture shows you up close what both ends look like when finished!

pacifier straps you can make

That’s it. Trim your thread and you are ready to use.  Loop the small ribbon through the pacifier and itself and it isn’t going anywhere!  No more frantically searching for where the baby through the pacifier!  By the way, these make great baby shower gifts!



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