One of our family’s favorite recipes

Whenever there is a special family dinner I don’t have to ask what they want me to bring. I already know. Macaroni casserole.

Years ago my Aunt Ruth found this recipe and made it for Thanksgiving dinner and it’s been a favorite ever since. It isn’t hard to make and when we have a large gathering I simply double the recipe. All my family loves it and I’m guessing yours will too!


2 cups elbow macaroni noodles

half onion

half green pepper

1 can mushrooms (drained)

one half cup mayo

one can mushroom soup

cup shredded cheese

2 tsp butter

dash of milk

Boil noodles and drain

mix together all ingredients, thin with milk

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes


  1. This sounds delicious. Of course, I’ll have to make the plain vanilla version for the kids. But that’s okay. This way there will be plenty for all!

  2. teresak 9 Nov, 2010

    Vanilla? Interesting!

  3. Geneva Scroggy 11 Nov, 2010

    Sounds yummy!! You need my Chicken Spaghetti recipe…very similiar, very easy to make and its DELICIOUSO!!