Grammy Awards and Music Memories

Tonight I am watching the Grammy Awards and listening to the Beach Boys sing Good Vibrations ( I think the vibrations may be coming from their pace makers). Just kidding, in the summer time I still enjoy putting in one of their CD’s and singing along. I have so many memories that I associate with their music.

Some of the singers I have never heard of, and I can’t really say I appreciate their music (What is a Foo Fighter anyway?) And Chris Brown…well, I can’t bring myself to applaud someone who beats up on women.

Others look so young and innocent (Taylor Swift) that I can’t help but hope they have someone looking out for them. It’s a dog eat dog world and if she were my granddaughter, I’d be worried about her. You be careful, Taylor. Watch your back, girl!

Music is a universal language and I so envy people with beautiful voices. I loved Whitney Houston’s voice. Just listening to her sing “I will always love you,” can bring me to tears. Even though we don’t know for sure what caused her death it doesn’t take a genius to know she made bad choices. If you read about the last few days (years) of her life she was obviously a troubled soul. I so hope her daughter doesn’t follow in her footsteps.

Drugs, addiction, alcoholism. They ruin so many lives and break the hearts of those who love them.

Glenn Campbell is going to be on in a minute and that should be touching too. Alzheimers is such a stinky disease. Truth be told, I suppose they all are, but it’s so sad to watch someone deteriorate a tiny bit at a time.

And what about Adele? Wow what a unique voice!

Years ago some friends of mine were Grammy winners. The Kentucky Headhunters won a Grammy Award for Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal, in 1990 for their Pickin’ on Nashville album. They are still rocking and I’m still so proud of them. I went to high school with some of the band members (and their sister). Love ya Richard, Greg, Mary Jane and Fred!

Since this is NanaHood and this post is about music I have to give George Straight a shout out. He’s a new grandfather! Congrats, George. I know you will love being a Poppa!

My six year old granddaughter wants to be a singer when she grows up. She has a karaoke machine and when she cranks it up I’m sure she has visions of stardom dancing through her head.

Singing was my dream too, when I was her age. Then one day I realized that God didn’t give me the voice to go with my dreams. Whatever career my granddaughter chooses I’m sure that music will be a part of her life. Her  memories will have a musical sound track, just like mine do.

Okay, time to go play some Beach Boy music and wish for summer weather!


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