The Dancer

My friend’s daughter is a dancer. She’s not just an average dancer….she’s an award winning dancer! Her name is Jerrica and she won first place at Nationals for her solo performance.

National Dance Champ


I love the energy and the grace of dance.

dancer 3

On with the dance! let joy be unconfined;
No sleep till morn, when Youth and Pleasure meet
To chase the glowing hours with flying feet.
~George Gordon, Lord Byron, Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to my friend Laura for sharing her photos of her beautiful daughter, Jerrica.

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  1. Tammi Roy 10 Jun, 2014

    Amazing!!! Good for her! 😉

  2. Well done to Jerrica, fab photos too.

  3. That is awesome, Congratulations to Jerrica and keep up the great Job. By the way that second picture is lovely…

  4. That’s awesome! Does Jerrica train at a performing arts high school? My Jessica is training here in South Africa, but I’ve been looking at her options for the future and found a performing arts high school in the States that will take her as a transfer student. If our house sells, then we are relocating and will continue our ministry in the States.

  5. teresak 10 Jun, 2014

    Wow, how cool! Jerrica is still in high school. Not sure where she is going after she graduates. Blessings to you and good luck with your house selling and moving. That’s a very big job!

  6. teresak 10 Jun, 2014

    Thank you, she is a lovely girl!

  7. teresak 10 Jun, 2014

    Thanks so much Tammi!

  8. Cascia Talbert 10 Jun, 2014

    Congratulations! She is beautiful. Have a terrific day.

  9. Diane 10 Jun, 2014

    Sensational! I love watching dancers, too. Such grace. Everything looks like poetry…

  10. Laura Reed 10 Jun, 2014

    Thanks to everyone for the wonderful comments! Jerrica loves dancing and performs every opportunity she can. She believes it’s her gift from God to share with others, and has plans for dancing as her profession. Thanks to Teresa for featuring Jerrica on Nanahood and sharing her pictures!

  11. Jessica Fiorillo 10 Jun, 2014

    Congrats – way to go! Beautiful shots!

  12. alissa4illustration 10 Jun, 2014

    She’s so pretty. Way to go on her awards!

  13. How lovely. As a former dancer I can appreciate all her hard work.

  14. Merlinda Little 11 Jun, 2014

    So graceful! Congrats for winning =) #WW

  15. Bailey 11 Jun, 2014


  16. NWDreamer 11 Jun, 2014

    Wow!! This girl is gorgeous – and looks like she’s going places!!

  17. teresak 12 Jun, 2014

    Thank you so much for commenting and she is beautiful!

  18. teresak 12 Jun, 2014

    Thanks Bree. Your new baby is precious!