Book Review of Lori Stewart’s New Book

Lori Stewart’s new book is being released September 1st, just in time for Grandparent’s Day. Grandma, Aren’t You Glad The World’s Finally in Color Today is not your typical children’s book. It is a wonderful “read-aloud” book that nanas can use to engage and educate children about the way the world was not so very long ago. Lori Stewart book The author says: This book is a story in rhyme that takes readers on a “then and now” journey through time.  Narrated by a grandmother, the story compares her own mother’s life and times to those of her grandchildren. Side by side vintage and full color photos contrast fashion, schools, transportation, entertainment, technology, culture and the arts from the Great Depression and World War II years to those of today.  

This book creates an opportunity for readers to share their own family tree, and gives grandparents a way to start conversations about who we are and where we came from, and fulfill their role as family historian. 

I loved the fact that the left side pages were black and white and the right side were color.

black and white photo

color dance photo

 I also love the fact that when I read it with my 9 year old granddaughter it causes her to ask all sorts of questions.

“Nana, did you watch Shirley Temple?” I did, but it was re-runs.

“Nana, were you alive during the Great Depression?” I wasn’t but my grandmother was and we talked about it often so I can share those memories with my granddaughter.

If you are looking for a great gift for your nana or poppa I highly recommend Grandma, Aren’t You Glad the World’s Finally in Color Today! It’s a book your grandchild will enjoy reading with you again and again. About Lori Stewart….. Lori is an award winning author born and raised in California. You can read more about Lori Stewart here.


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