Bella, A Barn and Some Trees

Some weeks my pictures are rather random. This is one of those weeks. Yesterday we went walking on the farm at dusk and I snapped a picture of the barn and some trees. I love seeing the different styles and shapes of barns across the country. This one was built during the 50’s but it’s in exceptional shape. We put a new roof on it a few years ago and gave it a new coat of paint.  Wish my dad was still here to see it. He owned several farms with barns on them but this one was his favorite. Miss you, Daddy!


These trees are on the bluff next to the barn. Winter makes them look so sad and lonely.


And finally, my happy picture of the week. Bella is growing! She’s now almost 9 months old. It seems like she’s been a part of our family forever but in reality, just since summer. She loves everyone she meets and everyone loves her.


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  1. aquariann 4 Jan, 2016

    Bella is indeed beautiful!

  2. Random works for me, It’s nice to come along and find a variety of lovely pictures.
    Thank you, and hope you are up to a great start of the year.

  3. Oh, how I love red barns!

  4. Bella looks like a sweet furfriend!!
    Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  5. They may be random, but all pretty cool. Love that classic red barn.

  6. I enjoyed them especially the last one aww! heheh!

  7. Caroline Fernandez 5 Jan, 2016

    Love those birch trees!

  8. pioneerpat1 5 Jan, 2016

    Love the trees and really love the barn. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Kelly Jo 5 Jan, 2016

    Hip Barns are my favorite!!! Granny had some on her farm and the tornado in 1996 blew them all down. There is an milk barn down there that is a hip barn. Where is this one at?

  10. NanaHood 5 Jan, 2016

    Near my house on what we call the Thompson farm. Come over and I’ll take you to see it!

  11. NanaHood 5 Jan, 2016

    Thank you for stopping by!

  12. NanaHood 5 Jan, 2016

    Pretty, aren’t they? So glad you stopped by Caroline!

  13. NanaHood 5 Jan, 2016

    Bella is a mess!

  14. NanaHood 5 Jan, 2016

    So do I! Thanks for visiting Rhonda!

  15. NanaHood 5 Jan, 2016

    She is the sweetest! You too on the New Year!

  16. NanaHood 5 Jan, 2016

    Me too, bring back memories!

  17. NanaHood 5 Jan, 2016

    Thank you and the same wishes for you!

  18. NanaHood 5 Jan, 2016

    Thank you so much. We love her!

  19. Create With Joy 5 Jan, 2016

    Happy New Year Teresa – Bella looks BEAUTIFUL! 🙂

  20. What a lovely area! I would love to live with all that green and the woods. Sometimes the desert gets a little blah.

    Your dog is adorable!

  21. alissa4illustration 5 Jan, 2016

    What a pretty doggie. It’s good she has room to run around.

  22. Your photos are beautiful. I love the little red barn and your puppy is adorable! Thanks for linking up. Have a great week!

  23. Deborah Will 6 Jan, 2016

    Love, love your pictures. Beautiful barn and trees and that puppy is so cute. Thanks for sharing the linky.

  24. I love the red barn! It’s a wonderful connection with your father. And that Bella is a cutie!

  25. NanaHood 7 Jan, 2016

    Thanks Star!

  26. NanaHood 7 Jan, 2016

    Thank you Deborah!

  27. NanaHood 7 Jan, 2016

    Thanks Joyce! Have a great week!

  28. NanaHood 7 Jan, 2016

    Thanks Danielle! Do you live near Vegas?