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Christmas Cookies on a Sunday Afternoon

Christmas Cookies on a Sunday Afternoon and a few other things…. Saturday I took two of the grandchildren to see Santa and two of them were already there. This granddaughter really had [...]

Remembering Summer When It’s Almost December

I don’t know if everyone’s phone takes their pictures and makes movies for them but I just discovered that mine does. This is a one minute video of fun times this summer. [...]

Thanksgiving Scarecrow Craft and Time to Celebrate

Thanksgiving scarecrow and pumpkin crafts are fun to make this time of year. I’ll tell you about them in a minute, but first I have to ask….why can’t there be three days [...]

Wedding Shower for Newlyweds

A Wedding Shower for our son and his bride is the subject of this weeks blog hop. One of our twins recently married and I wrote about it on a post called [...]

Kentucky’s Fall Colors Shine Brightly

Kentucky’s fall colors are gorgeous right now. Yesterday I was coming home from an errand and the sky was dark gray but every once in a while the clouds would break and [...]

Fall Day Trip With the Grandchildren

Fall Day Trip With the Grandchildren We took a day trip with the grandchildren to a local farm and produce market. It was close enough that we didn’t have to spend hours [...]

Woodstock Georgia Weekend Wedding

We went to Woodstock, Georgia this weekend for a wedding. I had ever even heard of Woodstock, except the rock festival in the 60s. It was a beautiful weekend filled with friends, [...]

Pumpkin Festival Fun With Grands-A Great Way To Spend A Day

Pumpkin Festival Fun! This past weekend was the annual Pumpkin Festival and it was a great day to spend with the grands having fun! There was a costume contest for the children [...]

Easy Sausage Cornbread Casserole

Easy sausage cornbread casserole is a hit at our house every time. It doesn’t take a ton of ingredients and you can put it together in no time flat. I found this [...]

Kentucky is the Bluegrass State but Is the Grass Really Blue?

Kentucky is the Bluegrass State  Kentucky is known as the Bluegrass State but the grass isn’t blue, it’s green. Furthermore, it isn’t even native to Kentucky. So why is it called Bluegrass? [...]

Blueberry Cake – So Easy To Make!

Here’s a blueberry cake that is so easy to make you will love this recipe! My friend Peggy loves to make desserts and she loves to share them with us. Secretly I [...]

6 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day (or any special day)

6 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day with your grandchildren no matter where you live! Some of us live close to our grandchildren and some of us have hundreds of miles between us, [...]

Our Son’s Wedding and His Beautiful Bride

Our Son’s wedding was Saturday. He married his high school sweetheart…actually they met in 6th grade. They have loved each other since then. Hurricane Harvey remnants were in Kentucky and we had [...]

Easy, Inexpensive Crafts for Children

Inexpensive crafts can keep your grandchildren busy on a rainy day so before we took our annual family vacation to the beach my daughter went to the local Dollar Tree and purchased [...]

Nashville – A City of Many Names

Nashville, Nashvegas, Music City, Smashville: whatever you call it, it is a fun place to visit! What’s in a name? A whole lot of you are the city of Nashville and you [...]

August Birthdays Keep Coming

August Birthdays Keep Coming! Wednesday we celebrated our sweet granddaughter’s birthday. Our oldest granddaughter, Abby, just turned 12. She keeps reminding me that next year she will be 13, as if I [...]

Cobalt Restaurant: Great Food and a Wonderful Atmosphere

Cobalt Restaurant in Orange Beach, Alabama, is a great place to dine with family and friends. We ate there recently and I highly recommend it. There were 14 of us and they [...]

Multigenerational Travel-Taking The Grands to the Beach

Multi-generational travel isn’t for everyone, but we love it!  There are ways to make traveling with a large group easier and I plan on posting about that later – today is strictly [...]

It’s NanaHood’s Birthday (Almost) and We Are Ready to Celebrate!

It’s NanaHood’s Birthday….in August! Time flies when you are having fun or birthdays and NanaHood will have one next month. This blog started in 2009 so we still aren’t in double digits [...]

Team Players – VBS

Team Players Saturday was VBS at our church and it was so much fun. This year the theme was God’s Team and we talked a lot about teamwork and whose team (God) [...]