Taking Care of Family Photos

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Family Photos-taking care of them.

If you are like me you have tons of photos in boxes or scrapbooks. I have so many I actually have them in boxes in the attic. I keep thinking I’ll get them all organized but the sheer volume of how many pictures I have is daunting. Many of the photos (and slides) are ones I inherited from parents and grandparents. When you add their collections to my own, it’s overwhelming. However, there’s a great option for people like me who may or may not ever get around to organizing all their photos. It’s called ScanMyPhotos.com

Why You Need to Scan Your Photos

Over the years I have known people who have lost precious family photos to house fires, hurricanes and tornados. Most of those pictures were irreplaceable. I don’t want that to happen to me.

The Solution

ScanMyPhotos.com offers a quick & easy solution for transforming printed photos to digital copies. This service helps families easily and affordably modernize their photo collection. The standard package costs less than a dime a photo and includes free shipping, too.

ScanMyPhotos will send you a pre-paid box into which you can stuff as many pictures as possible. (Typically, that’s about 2,000 photos) Then, ship that box off to ScanMyPhotos.com and machines scan the photos into digital prints within minutes. Costs and other services (like scanning negatives) are listed on their website.

I think their prices seem reasonable but if it seems a little high to you, just ask a family who has lost all their pictures to a natural disaster what they would pay to have their photos back.

If you only have a few pictures to scan, obviously it would be easier to do it yourself or get a friend to do it. But if you are like me and have boxes and boxes….then this is a much better solution.

Photo Scanning Service – How It Works

  • Scanned in USA
  • Fast, Same-Day Scanning Available
  • Since 1990 We Have Preserved Tens of Millions of Memories
  • Starting at $159 per Prepaid Box or pay just 16¢ per scan

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