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Father’s Day 2012

Because Father’s Day is upon us, I want to dedicate this post to all the hardworking “daddies” out there. They are the men who work hard all week then spend their weekends [...]


I love quotes and I loved my father.  In honor of Father’s Day I want to share a few with you. Thanks Dad, for all you did! And, thanks to my wonderful [...]

Fun Friday Links – the Father’s Day edition

So, I had a very similar moment to Teresa’s moment last week… around about Thursday.  I stopped mid-stream of whatever was happening at that moment and thought, “OH NO… it’s June already, [...]

Father’s Day 2010

I goofed again. I told my daughter last night that tomorrow was Father’s Day.  Then this morning I looked at a calendar and realized it’s next Sunday. Oh well, that just gives [...]