Road Trip to the Grand Canyon

Martha is back again with a new video for us, about her recent road trip. Today’s video covers the GRAND CANYON. It was a surprise visit, and she was OVERCOME with excitement since visiting the Grand Canyon has “always been on my bucket list” (quote, unquote).

Dangers in the Grand Canyon

My husband and I visited the Grand Canyon together back in 2005, when I was pregnant with Martha’s older brother Allan. We had one son at the time, who was age 3, and he was a VERY BUSY three year old. We didn’t take him with us on that trip, and we were actually pretty glad about that. I lost count of how many times we looked at each other and said, “We can NEVER bring Samuel here”. The Grand Canyon is an amazing place, obviously one of the most amazing in the world, but it’s also very, very scary and worrisome if you have busy kids OR fearless teenagers! To make our fears worse, we purchased a book that described in great detail the variety of ways that people have died at the Grand Canyon in the last 100 years or so.

So… fast forward twelve years, and we finally decided MAYBE we could take Samuel.. and Allan and Martha. We were VERY sure to impress upon all three of them the dangers of the Grand Canyon. There are many places where the canyon and cliffs have been left without railings, and it’s all too easy to see disaster in the making, especially after having read the above mentioned book! In Martha’s video, she points out a few times how dangerous it is, so I think we did our job well. Thankfully all three kids were careful and respectful of the awesomeness that is the Grand Canyon.

Sunset in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon family selfie

We arrived late in the day, just before sunset, which turned out to be an amazing time for the kids’ first visit.  It was light enough to get some good photos of each other, and a family selfie (or ten), and then we all marveled at the beauty that was God’s artwork in sunset form over the canyon. The kids were thrilled when we told them we’d be going back again in the morning, to a different spot, so they could see more.

In case you’ve never been, the cost is $30 per vehicle, but it’s good for seven days, which is a terrific value if you can go back again like we were able to do. Also, they have a $10 Senior America the Beautiful Pass available right now that is a lifetime pass to all Federal Recreation lands for anyone over the age of 62.

It was an amazing experience, and I’m so glad we took them, fears and all.



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