Fun Center, a Birthday and Brownies

Our church took our youth group to a Fun Center this afternoon. I’m sure your town has one too. One of those places where they have fast food, loud music, flashing lights and arcade games that you have to buy tokens for. When we got to the door my granddaughter’s eyes lit up as she surveyed the crowd and took in all the noise and commotion.

“Wow,” she said, “And they just let us in for free?”

I laughed at the irony. “Yes, honey,” I said, “We get in to the Fun Center for free but I guarantee we won’t get out of here without spending money.”

Abby liked the nachos. After she ate I gave her ten dollars and told her she could use that for tokens but when they were gone…no more. The following picture shows what she got for her tokens. A real bargain, don’t you think?

This weekend was also the little granddaughter’s 1st birthday. Her Uncle Jake got her a chair and today it was warm enough for her to sit outside. Doesn’t she look sweet? Hard to believe she’s already one year old.

After eating birthday cake and helping Abby with her nachos, I came home and found that my wonderful sister-in-law had sent brownies.

Oh me, look out treadmill! I’m coming to see you in the morning!

Kelly’s Sinfully Good Brownies


4 cups sugar
4 sticks butter
8 eggs
3 cups flour
1/2 cup chocolate
1 t vanilla
Fold in
Cook 350 degrees 30 minutes
Cook 1/2 bag brown sugar
1/2 c whole milk
2 sticks butter
Cook till boiling
Take off and beat in 1 bag powdered sugar
2 t vanilla
Pour over the 2 pans of warm brownies.
Do not use margarine.



  1. Oh, I know that bargain feeling after leaving Chuck E Cheese here. For about $20, we get to leave with a handful of Smarties and a few erasers! Those places are such money pits!

    Love the new chair! I miss mine being small enough to have those 🙂

  2. I used to have to do the Chuck E Cheese thing with my Granddaughters…. so glad they are grown up. Whew!! No more of Chuck!

    Those brownies look very tempting. I haven’t eaten sugar in over 5 years.

  3. teresak 12 Mar, 2013

    So I gotta ask, how do you not eat sugar for five years? I can’t go 5 minutes!!!! Thanks for stopping by NanaHood!

  4. teresak 12 Mar, 2013

    Thanks for commenting Theresa. After the children come the grandchildren…you’ll get those small chairs again eventually!