Fall Day Trip With the Grandchildren

Fall Day Trip With the Grandchildren

We took a day trip with the grandchildren to a local farm and produce market. It was close enough that we didn’t have to spend hours in the car and that’s a plus when you have little grandchildren that love to wiggle!

Day trip

I loved looking at all the items in the store. This is Dennison’s Roadside Market in Horse Cave, Kentucky. There was so much to see, so I prowled up and down each aisle and took my time.

Day Trip


This is what the front porch looked like. I’ve never seen so many different sizes, shapes and colors of gourds.

Day trip

Loved looking at all the pretty decorations. Fall is certainly a beautiful time of year here in southern Kentucky.

Day Trip

My granddaughter had to go to the bathroom. She walked in and looked around and said, “Nana, why do they have bowls all over the wall?” I told her they were dish pans and that her great-grandmother had several just like this that she washed her dishes and other things in. She wasn’t too impressed but I’ll tell her again in a few years and maybe she will remember. I wish I still had Grandma’s dish pans.

How was your weekend and what did you do?

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  1. Looks like a fab place what a nice post 🙂

    I always like this time of year too 🙂

  2. What a fun place to visit and browse, so many great vegetables too. And your granddaughter is darling, love her sweet smile!!
    Thank you for hosting, come see us soon! 🙂
    Have a great week!

  3. I love shopping local produce! The freshest!

  4. What a cool trip. Thanks for sharing, I would really love to go there.

    Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  5. Teresa
    You have a lovely home on the web….beautiful pics! Adorable grand kids.
    TY for stopping at my blog I’ve sub to your blog….looking fwd to keeping in touch

  6. That looks a cute place!

  7. Autumn looks beautiful on your photos so I think in real it is even more pretty 🙂 it had to be great time on the market with kids 🙂

  8. What a fun adventure. You’re giving them memories for sure. I love places like that.

  9. This is a perfect time of the year to visit a farm and market especially with the fall pumpkin theme. Sounds like a simple but fun day!

  10. I grew up in East Tenn and your post made me nostalgic and thinking about drives with my parents. I’d love to visit the market. It looks like a step back in time.

  11. Oh I would spend hours exploring there! I love a good farmers’ market and country store

  12. What a charming place to visit! Trips like this are fabulous eye-openers for grandkiddos, some who have no concept of food retailers outside of big supermarkets and super stores. Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing in the GRAND Social link party!

  13. I love places that hearken to the olden days! It looks so friendly and fresh. I wish we had one where I live!

  14. teresak 26 Oct, 2017

    Bring yours and come visit anytime!

  15. teresak 26 Oct, 2017

    I do too Deborah!

  16. teresak 26 Oct, 2017

    It was gorgeous!