Digital Cameras: What Works for You?

Well, it’s Wednesday and that’s a good thing for several reasons, but at the top of the list is Wednesday’s are Abby Day at our house! My granddaughter gets to visit on Wednesdays and so the day revolves around her. Usually that means macaroni and cheese and corn for supper because those are her favorites. Going to Wednesday night Bible study where she can go to class with her BFF, Maggie. Bath time…..a loooonnnng bath time, the kid loves to soak and play in the tub. Bedtime stories, snuggles and lots of kisses and hugs.

Today, though, may vary somewhat from our usual Wednesday. Remember yesterday I mentioned I dropped my digital camera in a puddle of water? I had been considering getting a new camera and now I have to get another, preferably one that is puddle proof, so Abby and I may go camera shopping.

Yesterday afternoon I started reading about digital cameras. I have now read over fifty articles and I don’t know much more than when I started. I’m a former teacher and we have “educator language” that folks outside the field find confusing. Now I know why. I have discovered that there is a “camera language” out there that is beyond my comprehension. I don’t have a clue what they are talking about when they discuss shutter speed, types of lenses, etc and don’t have the time to figure it out.  I need something simple (for a simple mind) and indestructible (can’t be chewed up by a dog or won’t fall apart when dropped from a car onto the black top).

I have narrowed it down to five cameras. If anyone has one of these, or has a camera that they love and use for their blog, I would love to hear from you. Basically I want to be able to take the chip (is that what it’s called???) out of the camera and stick it in my computer. I want to be able to use photo-shop (I plan on taking a class on how to use it) and I want to make short video’s with it, and of course it needs decent picture quality. The camera also has to do it’s own adjusting to daylight or dark, movement or stillness, because I sure can’t figure out how to do those things! You can tell my looking at the pictures I make.

As bad a photographer as I am, I am still better than my husband. Bless his heart. Thank goodness he is in hospital administration and not a photographer. He once carried an impossibly heavy video camera (back in the day when they were huge and weighed 50 pounds) all over Disney World filming our children’s first trip there. When we got back home he hadn’t remembered to put the tape in. At our daughter’s high school graduation he made pictures of her with her grandmother (who was too sick to come to the event). They were so dark all you could see were teeth and the whites of their eyes. And then there are the “headless” shots where he manages to get strange objects in the photo but no faces.

So, my mission today is to find the perfect digital camera for me….if such a camera exists! If you know anything about the following cameras please comment or let me know what works for you!

Sony Cybershot W290 Review]

Panasonic Lumix FS15 Review]

Canon PowerShot A640

the Fuji F30

Canon SD1200 IS

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  1. I have the Canon SD1100IS and I love it. the 1200 is probably a newer version. One thing for certain, since this camera is small, I always have the wrist strap around my wrist and so it won’t drop. Great little camera for many uses, except for landscape photography. I mean it will do good but not as good as other cameras. You can use this one on automatic and of course, I change the ISO to fit the situation. 400 for indoors, 200 outdoors. Use flash. Come by my blog and visit in November, I think. I did a blog about photography. I’m an avid photographer. My other camera is a digital point and shoot but has a good zoom lens to 300 mm. (Fuji Finepix 5200) Love it but has a few downsides, like lag time is not good. But photos are great with it, except the macro mood. My little camera does better macro mood. I love my digital cameras. Did film for years and finally switched in 2006 and never have looked back!!!
    I now have a grand kitty, who I’ve not met yet. Am wanting to get a photo of her and my granddaughter together soon!!
    Take care and thanks for sharing.