Teenage boys and food

A few days ago I posted about the best Christmas give I ever received: my twins. They will be 18 the day after Christmas and just in case you don’t know this about teenage boys—-THEY SURE CAN EAT!!!!  One day last week I received a text message from one of the boys that said, “Mom, my food account is in the hole.  If you don’t put more money in I don’t get to eat tomorrow.”

What? My poor six foot eight baby might starve to death if he misses a meal! So I jump in my car and drive to school expecting him to be twenty or thirty dollars in the hole. Wrong. He was one hundred dollars in the red and so was his brother. I asked the lunch lady if they were eating steak or something to be that much in debt.

“Actually,” she said, “It’s not what they are eating, it’s how much they are eating. Today we had hotdogs and they each had three hotdogs, two bags of chips, two bottles of water and four packages of cookies.”

I shook my head in amazement and paid their bill. As I was leaving the lunch room the janitor saw me and shouted across the empty cafeteria, “Those boys sure can eat!”

That afternoon, a mere three hours after lunch, they came home and wolfed down a couple of sandwiches before they had to leave for their basketball game. And after the game most of the team goes  to McDonalds.

I went through the drive thru the other day at Micky D’s to get a Diet Coke and the lady looked at me and asked, “Aren’t you Grant and Russell’s mom?”

“Yes,” I said. I should have guessed why she asked me but I didn’t.

“Those boys sure can eat!” she said.

Believe me, I know. I know.

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