Spur of the moment fun

Sometimes the things we do spur of the moment can lift our spirits. Last week our oldest son and our daughter decided to host a cookout by our pond. They grabbed hot-dogs, buns, chips and all the things we needed to make Smores. My assignment was to bring coat hangers and drinks. When we got there the fire was going and ready. All we had to do was put our hot-dogs on the clothes hanger and roast. What an easy way to cook supper!

Roxy, our German Shepherd, went too. She loves playing fetch but the water was too cold to suit her. She waded out a few feet, turned around and found a different stick on the bank, and brought that one back. One stick is as good as another. Right?

This is Russell with Roxy. The red ball is attached to Russell’s fishing pole. Roxy wanted to “fetch” that too.

We came home with our tummies full and the promise that we are going to do that again soon…next time our granddaughter is here visiting for sure!



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  1. What a wonderful thing to do and especially it being the childrens idea. Love the wonderful pictures. Every time I come to your blog it does make me think of Breast Cancer Awarness. So your pink is working as far as reminding people that you are waiting for a cure for your loved ones and friends. 🙂