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This is a guest post by my friend Christina Morley who lives in South Africa. Please give her a warm NanaHood welcome by leaving her some comments!

My name is Christina (Tina) Morley. I’m an American mom of 4 (3 are teenagers) and living in South Africa with my South African husband. We met on the mission field and got married in 1995.

Two of my passions are writing and photography. Blogging allows me to do both. I enjoy sharing photos of our area on my blog, 1camera1mom. We currently live in Worcester in the Western Cape.

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I began blogging in July 2011. I wrote a book and didn’t have the money to self-publish it properly, so I also posted it in bite-size portions on my very first blog. It shares the same name as my eBook, Happy Moms, Happy Homes.


That blog kept me busy for a while, but there was more that I wanted to share in the blogging world and soon more blogs were launched.

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I began Amanda’s Books and More in February 2012, the same month that Amanda turned 4. Everyone in our home loves books, even Amanda who is not yet able to read on her own. Most of the book reviews that I post are for children. Sometimes Samantha (my 13-year-old) does a review for me too.

I also wanted to be a voice in the parenting world and share about Amanda who is growing up so fast, especially with family that live too far away to see us every year. For example, my kids’ grandparents (my mom and step-dad and my dad and step-mom), as well as a great-grandmother on my mom’s side, and a great-grandfather on my dad’s side all live in the States. Thankfully, my kids have my in-laws living less than two hours drive away.

Visit my About Page to find out more.


Happy Moms, Happy Homes:

Amanda’s Books and More


Amanda’s Books and More


  1. It sounds like an amazing life. I live far from my grandsons and it is very hard. I can’t wait to check out you’re blog!

  2. teresak 4 Sep, 2014

    Thanks so much for commenting! Tina and I appreciate it!

  3. Thanks, Teresa for giving me this opportunity to share with your readers! I’ve been linking your blog post to Christian blog hops throughout the day. Blessings, Tina

  4. teresak 6 Sep, 2014

    Thanks so much Tina!

  5. I know what it is like to be away from family. When I was a tween we lived in Florida, over 12 hours away from our family in Upstate SC. Your distance is a lot greater though. I never got to be close to my grandparents because of the distance. It was rough. I know how much you must miss your parents. Thanks for sharing with us.