Pumpkin Festival Fun With Grands-A Great Way To Spend A Day

Pumpkin Festival Fun!

This past weekend was the annual Pumpkin Festival and it was a great day to spend with the grands having fun!

Pumpkin Festival

There was a costume contest for the children and two of my younger granddaughters were Elsa and Ana. Elsa’s little brother was Olaf. Unfortunately, Momma was in such a rush that she left Olaf’s costume on the washing machine and Daddy had to run back home to get it! He made it back in time and all was well.

Pumpkin Festival

The costumes were hot so as soon as the contest was over…off they came! It was time to run and play!

Pumpkin Festival

And jump! They strapped her in and up, up and away she went! Her Momma and Daddy were close by to make sure she was safe.



This little one is dressed as a Scuba Diver. Her tank is on her back and her hose is attached to her pacifier. I just loved it!

Our Pumpkin Festival would not be as successful as it is without the leadership of our Chamber of Commerce and Gaye Shaw. They do a great job and the community appreciates them so much!

What sort of celebrations or festivals do they have where you live? Do you take your children or your grands? Tell us about it!

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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments and for sharing your great photos! The Pumpkin Festival is a joint effort of many people! We are so happy it was a great day for you and your family.

  2. The girls looks like they are so happy!! Cute outfits!!

  3. teresak 9 Oct, 2017

    They had so much fun! Thanks for visiting Karren!

  4. I haven’t been to the pumpkin fair in years. Ours has gotten so big that it is not as much fun. Looks like your family had fun.

  5. Oh what fun for the kids love the happy photos heheh!

    Have a pumpkintastic week 🙂

  6. Those costumes are awesome!

  7. Looks like such a wonderful time. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  8. Such cute, happy kiddoes! Last year, my set of 4 year old twin sisters were Anna and Elsa. Older twin brothers (age 8) would not have agreed to being Olaf 🙁 !! despite how perfectly that completes the set!
    My daughters’ families attend “Zoo Boo” events here, but grandparents don’t accompany them. I save my energy for a family Halloween crafting/game playing event at my house and handing out treats on the big night while cousins go out together!

  9. teresak 10 Oct, 2017

    Isn’t it fun watching them dress up and enjoy the holiday? Hugs Joyce!

  10. teresak 10 Oct, 2017

    Thanks Patrick! You too!

  11. teresak 10 Oct, 2017

    Thanks and have a great week!

  12. teresak 10 Oct, 2017

    Thanks for stopping by. I doubt ours will ever get too big because our town is so small!

  13. Rachel 10 Oct, 2017

    It was a great time!!!

  14. Just love the one one of the three of them. Too much fun! Bet they loved it!

  15. So much life and joy in these photos Teresa – have a lovey week!

  16. They are so cute, and look like they had a blast!

    That’s so great you do things with them! My parents are there for my sisters and I a lot. I know the kids love it. My husband’s parents hardly even call him. I tried for years to have my husband call them and his sister. They just never would call or come see us.

  17. The little ones are adorable and look like they are having a wonderful day. Thanks so much for hosting

  18. Awwwwwwww They’re adorable & that one looking to the side is just too cute!!! Have a great day!

  19. Super fun time! Wish I could also join in!!!
    – Anagha from Team MocktailMommies

  20. What great photos! Must have been a good time. 🙂

  21. Great pictures of your granddaughters enjoying the pumpkin festival in their cute dresses!

  22. teresak 11 Oct, 2017

    It was great!

  23. teresak 11 Oct, 2017

    Thank you!

  24. teresak 11 Oct, 2017

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  25. teresak 11 Oct, 2017

    They are so fun! Thank you!

  26. I loved doing those fairs and festivals with my kids. I still like going to them, but they’re older and don’t enjoy it as much anymore.

  27. What fall cuties! Enjoy the darlings! happy fall! Have a wonderful week!

  28. teresak 16 Oct, 2017

    You too!

  29. teresak 16 Oct, 2017

    It’s still fun though, isn’t it?