In Search of the Perfect Family Vacation-Part 2

Disclaimer: A portion of our trip was sponsored by ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals  and Fort Walton Chamber of Commerce. All thoughts, opinions and memories are explicitly my own! #sponsored

Yesterday in Part 1 of our Family Vacation I told you about the pools at Waterscape and how much our little grandchildren enjoyed them. That pool was just one of the many lovely pools at Waterscape. My oldest granddaughter and I loved floating down the Lazy River on an inner tube. My husband stood up above us on the bridge and made this shot. It’s not the most flattering picture of me but remember, I was on vacation. The main objective was having fun and relaxing…not looking glamourous. I loved floating down the river and could have stayed on there all day. Pretty sure some folks did!

floating river-family vacation

At least once a day some of us went to the beach. This is the path we took from Waterscape to the beach. Isn’t it lovely?

walk to beach at fort walton

We have relatives that live in the Fort Walton area that we love dearly and they were able to come visit us. You may wonder why if we had this lively crew of kids,

All the grands on family vacation

(16 people all together) we would want company but our philosophy is the more the merrier!

These are my grandchildren and my cousin Martha's grandchildren-cousins

This picture was made with an i-phone and I’m fairly sure NO one was being still, but I loved it anyway and wanted you to see that you really can have 25 people over for supper while on vacation and survive. What do you feed that many people?

hotdogs in room-family vacation

Hotdogs of course!

One of the main things to remember when you travel with children is that the type of food you feed them doesn’t matter to them. Why spend 30 bucks on a meal that they will take 3 bites of and then wander off. They love to snack so we brought plenty of snack foods (including fruit) and lots to drink so no one dehydrated. That’s another thing about beach vacations, when it’s really hot you just can’t drink enough water. Children get so busy playing they forget to drink so make them take water breaks occasionally while you rub them down with more sunscreen. We applied and re-applied sunscreen diligently and none of the children got burned! Protect their skin and keep those young bodies going strong by keeping them hydrated!

Of course when you put this many kids in a room together you run the risk of creating this…

Tips About Multi-generational Travel

Occasionally let everyone go off and do their own thing. We didn’t eat every meal together and we didn’t insist everyone go to the pool together. Our children who are married and have children chose to stay at the pool with their children because it was so easy and close. Our twins chose to go to the beach every day with their girlfriends. This is Russell and Courtney. They loved hanging out at Waterscape’s private beach.

russ and court at beach on family vacation

Tune in tomorrow for Part 3, the final episode of In Search of the Perfect Family Vacation. Until then check out the great rentals from ResortQuest by Wyndham Vacation Rentals

What tips for multi-generational travel do you have that I didn’t think of?

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