How Nanas Start The New Year Right

What do Nanas do on New Year’s Eve? If they are very lucky they get to spend it with family and grandkids!

If you haven’t visited NanaHood’s Facebook Page and joined in the fun there, I hope you will. We have over 26,000 grandparents and parents who visit and engage in conversations, games and of course, bragging on our grands!

I asked them how many of them were lucky enough to spend some time with their grandchildren on New Year’s Eve and I learned that lots of grandmothers are more than happy to keep the kids while the parents go out, or whole families get together.

Grandparents Love Spending Time With Their Grandchildren

Here are just a few of the sweet pictures and comments I received from grandparents all over the world!

GrandkidsArvada from Missouri says, “Our Lil Love… Sawyer ..aka( Spider-Man), snacks to celebrate.. he made it till 8:30 pm...??”

That’s just about what time I started getting sleepy but I made it until the ball dropped. Sad to say, I did witness Mariah Carey’s sad performance, but that’s for another post. Back to the cute grandkids…..


This is Nana Judi from Pennsylvania with 3 great grands, “Willie, Ana and Naysa. Happy New Year Nanas. This Nana is tired!”

I feel your pain Judi. I was tired last night and more tired today!

grandkidsIt must have been supper time for this little cutie, or maybe she’s sticking her tongue out at 2016? This is Ellie Lynn. 6 months old from Indiana and she was with her Nana Michelle.


This is Nana Brandi from Illinois and the sweet boy with super bear pajamas beside her is her grandson, Kylan.

I love hearing from Nanas from other countries as well. Here are a few comments I received from them.

Una says, “I will be spending New Years Eve with my gorgeous grandsons Michael and Reid in Co. WICKLOW IRELAND. Happy New Year to all the Nanna’s out there ??”

Diane says,  “Yes, I babysat all 4 of mine in Brisbane Australia…Jayla 8….Marlee 6….Koby 2….Dion 1.” 

I bet she had her hands full, don’t you?

Deann, says, “With my granddaughter Ellie. Happy New Year from Edinburgh Scotland xx.”

Linda says she spent the New Year, ” With my granddaughter Peyton (Ms Tinks) Happy new year from Waiuku New Zealand.

Regina said, “Spending tonight with three out of four in Dublin, Ireland.?

Martha said, ” Fiachra. six week old grandson…..Birr …Co.Offaly. ..Ireland.

Comforting Thoughts

In a world that often seems cold and crazy, it’s comforting to me to think about these sweet grandparents and grandchildren being snuggled in their homes and enjoying each other’s company. I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year than by spending it with those we love and connecting the generations.

Thank you for sharing with us on our Facebook page. Tell your friends about and let’s increase our Nana Power in 2017! Grandparents, you rock and I appreciate you!

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  1. We were lucky enough to have three of our grandsons, AJ, Blake, and Drew, stay overnight for New Years Eve! Always a treat!

  2. Aww! those photos are so cute heheh!

    Best wishes for 2017 Happy New Year 🙂

  3. teresak 2 Jan, 2017

    Thank you and to you!

  4. How sweet! Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks for the great photos.

  6. Happy New Year Teresa! Always love your family shares!

  7. Great photos – all the kids look adorable. Happy 2017!

  8. Very nice photos.

    Happy New Year to you.

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    Thank you Patrick!

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  14. Cute photos!
    Happy New Year from Germany 🙂

  15. Elle Lynn is so darn cute!!!!!
    Thanks for party-Happy New Year!!!

  16. Aww lovely 🙂

    Happy New Year.

  17. I love spending time with kids, so we have a dance party for them on New Years Eve.

  18. teresak 3 Jan, 2017

    That sounds so fun! Would you like to write about it, include photos and share on NanaHood? I can’t pay you but I’ll give you shout outs on social media!

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    Thank you!

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    Thank you Karren!

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    Happy New Year Mascha! What is the German name for grandmother? Is that what your grands call you? Do write back and let us know! Teresa

  22. Lots of adorable babies! Happy New Year.

  23. Oh yeah, me too! I had three of them over today too… I’ll share some pics later… Happy New Year my fellow NaNa… I’m a NaNee though… my first grandson decided that’s what he wanted to call me when he was little and it stuck through 11 kids later. lol

  24. teresak 4 Jan, 2017

    I would love that Marie!

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    Thank you Stephanie!

  26. What an absolutely lovely way to spend new years. Such cuties.
    Wishing you a wonderful 2017!

  27. Happy New Year, that is cute and nice all the Nana’s could spend it with the little ones 🙂

  28. teresak 6 Jan, 2017

    I agree!