Grandma’s Home Remedies

My grandmother had all sorts of home remedies. When she had a sore throat she gargled with warm salt water. If it got worse she added a little bleach to the warm salt water. I told her I didn’t think that was wise, but she was my grandmother and she didn’t have to listen to me and she didn’t!

Grandma Knows Best

There were other things she recommended, like catnip tea for my son’s colic and rubbing meat tenderizer on a bee sting. Grandma gave my mother and her brothers a spoon full of castor oil every night before they went to bed to keep them regular and she used turpentine on their chests to help them breathe if they had a cold. I don’t know about apple cider vinegar but I know that when she was young she and her sisters were given vinegar to keep them healthy.


I had never considered taking vinegar (in any form) until my friend Annette gave me a bottle for Christmas. If that sounds like a strange gift let me explain why she gave it to me. She loves me and knows I had one problem after another with my digestive system last year and she’d read about the benefits of taking a small amount every day.

Before you say, “No way would I ever drink the stuff!” do a little reading about it. You probably won’t like the taste of it, but you might like the benefits.

So Far…So Good

I’ve been taking it every day since Christmas and so far so good. I mix mine (about a tablespoon) with apple juice. It’s not that bad and if it helps my digestive health, then pass the apple cider vinegar please!

Did your grandmother have any home remedies? If so, what were they and did you try them?

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  1. When I have a cold I eat an asian soup with heaps of garlic and chilli – works a treat and tastes delicious!

  2. I used to take that for my Arthritis 🙂

    Have a tanfastic week 🙂

  3. Yes, for the cold; we got a teaspoon of whiskey with honey and a drop of lemon. I also remember turpentine on our chests, and I still gargle with warm salty water when my throats is sore.

  4. I tried it when I was younger for acne, but couldn’t stand it for long. Mixing it with apple juice doesn’t sound too bad!

  5. Bragg’s Apple Cider vinegar is great for digestion and heartburn. A tablespoon in warm water with lemon and honey makes it palatable.

  6. I love Braggs Vinegar, we cannot be without it, “so good for you”! Thanks for sharing links to read more, I always forget something it is good for.
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. That is so cool. I am going to have to try that. Did not know about it.

  8. Oh yeah you’re ALWAYS supposed to gargle with salt water for a sore throat! Bleach sounds a little on the questionable side though. And I was told to give my son apple cider vinegar when he was getting frequent staph infections. We never tried it because we were given SO many remedies it was just hard to get to them all. But it is supposed to be very healthy.

  9. My mum takes cider vinegar every morning. I tried it once on its one but not a fan. I bet it tastes nice with apple juice 🙂

  10. Gargling with warm, salty water for a sore throat is something I still do. And we had a ginger essence Nan would mix with warm water for upset tummies. Hot water, lemon and honey (often with a splash of whiskey) for a cold.

  11. teresak 25 Jan, 2017

    Me too, Deborah! Thanks so much for commenting!

  12. teresak 25 Jan, 2017

    It doesn’t taste good, but if in juice I can get it down!

  13. teresak 25 Jan, 2017

    Good for you Patrick!

  14. teresak 25 Jan, 2017

    Thanks for visiting and commenting Karren. I appreciate you!

  15. teresak 25 Jan, 2017

    Just a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down….in the most delightful way! Remember those lines from Mary Poppins? I guess I should change it to warm water with lemon and honey! Thanks for commenting!

  16. How interesting! I’d say if it works, even if it’s all a mind thing, keep it up! Why not? 🙂

  17. teresak 26 Jan, 2017

    Thanks Mandy! Do stop by again!