First Time Ice Skater

This is our grandson and he’d never seen an ice rink or ice skates before. He loved it!


Papa was a big help and so was the red thing he held on to!


After we skated we went to a restaurant and this picture was up above me. Jack’s a tad creepy here, don’t you think?

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  1. How cool is that. We recently took our girls for the first time to ice skate and they loved it but did complain that it was cold. LOL

    Have a wonderful New Year!!

  2. That’s pretty much how I would look on ice skates – hanging on to the wall or the “walker”

  3. Create With Joy 29 Dec, 2015

    Happy New Year To you!

  4. Aww! how cute I always remember my first time and it was my last haha! I am a coward 🙂

    Happy New Year and all the best for 2016 🙂

  5. I loved roller skates and was really good, but never had the opportunity to try ice skates. I like they have those skate aids to help them stay standing, I would sure need one.
    Happy New Year!!

  6. NanaHood 29 Dec, 2015

    I would too Karren!

  7. NanaHood 29 Dec, 2015

    Me Too! And Happy New Year to You!

  8. NanaHood 29 Dec, 2015

    My husband is really good at ice skating but he was born and raised in Michigan.

  9. NanaHood 29 Dec, 2015

    The secret is in the layers!

  10. aquariann 29 Dec, 2015

    How cute! I was too scared to try ice skating at that age, and still haven’t.

  11. Looks so fun! My kids want to go for the first time this year, too. Hopefully we can do it soon. Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  12. Adorable shots! Happy New Year!

  13. pioneerpat1 29 Dec, 2015

    Very cute. Happy New Year.

  14. Aww that’s a fantastic milestone to reach 🙂 Happy New Year to you and your lovely family!

    Ai @
    Sakura Haruka

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    Wordless Wed Linky

  15. Joyce Lansky 29 Dec, 2015

    One has to start somewhere. Have a great new year.

  16. Dominique Goh 29 Dec, 2015

    Must have been exciting to have his first outing on the ice 🙂 Happy New Year

  17. So sweet! Those balance things are great trainers.

  18. teresak 1 Jan, 2016

    I agree! Great for kids!

  19. Rachel 2 Jan, 2016

    He was pretty brave getting out there! Way to go Chan-Man!