DIY Choker Necklaces – Fashion Friday, Episode 2

For today’s Fashion Friday, Martha is showing us how to make Choker Necklaces!

Chokers are all the rage in fashion these days, and while you can purchase them at places like Claires for a few dollars, it’s so much MORE fun to make them yourself! Martha will show us how in her tutorial video, and we’ll recap a few details below the video.

Too fun!

How to Make Chokers

What you need:

Lace or Fabric Findings
Velcro Rounds
Glue gun (optional, but recommended)

DIY Choker Necklaces

Take a measurement of your neck, and cut your lace trim to size, with a half inch or so of extra length.

Place one side of the velcro round (scratchy side) on one end of the lace trim… and put the other side of the velcro round (smooth side) on the OTHER end.

And VOILA – choker necklace!

Just a side note – the velcro rounds have sticky glue on them, BUT it’s probably better to use a glue gun to seal them. The “sticky” didn’t seem as permanent as we’d like. For time (and safety), Martha didn’t use a glue gun in her video. 🙂

Choker Variations

There are a variety of options you can use besides the lace trims Martha used. We were looking for smaller or more delicate trims because Martha is a child, but they had much larger lace that would be better suited on older teens or moms (or Nanas!) They also had sequin trims, and trims with fringe that would have been pretty as a choker. Velvet ribbon or lace ribbon would be beautiful as well!

One idea we didn’t show in the video is purchasing cute buttons or jewels to add to the front. Martha found some red acrylic button roses that she plans to sew onto one of her black chokers.

Also, if you wanted to make more permanent versions of your chokers, you could also use jewelry findings to seal the ends of your lace or trims.  The one pictured to the right comes with crimp pieces that you can seal on the ends of your lace or fabric trim OR ribbon. The chain with clasp is perfect if you are making a choker for someone and don’t know the exact size – it makes it one-size-fits-all!

If you make your own, we’d love to hear about it in the comments! Happy Fashion Friday!



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