Courage In The Face of Cancer

My cousin, Martha, has courage in the face of cancer. And she has had for years.

I write about my cousin Martha frequently. I love her and she inspires me to be a better person. She’s a fighter and she’s looked breast cancer in the face 3 times now and not backed down.

courage in the face of cancer

Recently I wrote an article about her that was published on called, The Prize. Basically the article talks about how sometimes in life one bad thing after another happens to people to the point where we think, “If one more bad thing happens I can’t handle it!” Martha has been through loss of a home due to a hurricane, cancer 3 times, her home was broken into and many items were stolen and recently lightening struck their home and destroyed most of their appliances and televisions.

My Aunt Roberta read the article on and wrote me to ask that I write an article and tell Martha’s story from a different angle. She wanted me to talk about the importance of reaching out to others and how wonderful Martha’s friends and church family have been to help. Funny thing was, I didn’t have to write the article because she did! In telling me what I should write about she actually said it much better than I could have. So, thank you Aunt Roberta for a great article!

 From Aunt Roberta about the importance of reaching out to others.

Martha has truly been challenged or tested but there is another side to this story,  What responsibility or opportunity do those around someone who is hurting have?  The support is so important; whether small or large.  For instance, when they lost their house; a constant stream of friends, neighbors and family came to help dig out what could be salvage, take things to their house to store belongings, and clean as much as possible so the mold growth would be minimal.
At the time of the first brush against cancer, several friends who had gone through the ordeal came to talk to her and give encouragement.  Two years later came the mastectomy and the “Caringbridge” communication many friends gave her encouragement and knowing others were praying was a real encouragement.  Then 15 years later came the knowledge that the cancer had masticated to many parts of her body.
At this point the fear of the unknown was high.  This is where it is so important for friends and love ones to become active. Of course God is there and is the only real peace, but for the patient to feel others’ care is a blessing.  If you know someone who is struggling in physical, mental, or emotional distress, please reach out NOW.
Martha had so much support.  The Ladies Class took the challenge of sending e-mail messages to churches of their hometown and areas to ask for prayers.  She received  messages from all over the country.  Not only does this help Martha, but it gives her the opportunity to reach out to others with the gospel.
There are so many people fighting cancer and they need your help. Please help them find courage in the face of cancer.


  1. mary alice yokley 15 Sep, 2013

    Good article, Sis!! Wish you’d apply that writing skill more often!!

  2. What a beautiful story! The power of prayer is such an amazing and powerful thing to see God’s hand at work! New follower from the Mommy Monday Blog Hop!

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  4. teresak 16 Sep, 2013

    All my aunts are great writers! Love them all!

  5. This is a beautiful and inspiring story from both angles. Thank you so much for sharing it …

  6. This is so true. What’s even more true and apparent here is that God works through people. It’s so wonderful seeing how He comforted and took care of her using all of those people through every obstacle. Reading this made my day! Thanks for linking up to Mommy Monday this week. I hope you will come back and join us in the future. Following you on bloglovin and social media 🙂

  7. Beautiful and heart felt article! Such a lovely woman and such an inspiration.
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  8. Thank you for your ah inspiring story, so many times I have seen how prayers work and know it to be true. Thank you for visiting We Start Mondays Together, I appreciate it.

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