Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults!

Coloring pages for those of us who love to color….kids and adults!

I wrote about Adult Coloring Books in October, but was thinking just last night that I needed to look for some Christmas Coloring Pages.

For me!

I mean, my kids can color these too, if they want, but I am in serious need of some brainless, relaxing, calming activities in the midst of this busy, busy December. How about you? Between holiday baking, shopping for gifts, running a business (or two), finishing up semester work with my two homeschoolers, and making sure my high school kiddo passes his finals AND doesn’t fail Math, I’m a little overwhelmed!

I did a little searching on Pinterest and Google today, and found some great choices. Click on the images to be taken to the blog/download pages!

coloring pages


coloring pages


coloring pages This one is 92 pages of coloring joy!!


How about those?! I am quite certain that I’ll be printing extra copies for the kids, but I plan to hide in my room with some sharpies and colored pencils and maybe some “Gilmore Girls” on the TV while I DE-stress!  Who is going to join me?

Guest Post written by Char Huskins


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  1. What a cute idea!