Chico’s Fall Collection

This is a sponsored post. I was given one Chico’s outfit in return for writing this review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own! 

A few months ago I was lucky enough to Go Shopping at Chico’s.  I was allowed to choose one outfit and I loved the experience. The store nearest me is located  in Bowling Green on Scottsville Road and Catherine, the manager, is a joy to work with. Chico’s fall line is absolutely gorgeous and there were so many beautiful outfits to pick from that it was hard to choose.

Game Plan

This time I had a game plan. I checked out their online store  and knew I wanted to look at their Zenergy Collection and Travelers Collection. You can see all their collections here, and you should view them all because what I like might not necessarily be what appeals to you.


What, you may ask, is Zenergy? According to Chicos it’s, “Our secret to being comfortable and looking fabulous? Zenergy. We traveled the country in search of the softest performance-inspired fabrics. Next, we designed the comfiest styles with an easy-made-chic spirit that’s perfect for everyday life. We can’t wait to show you what’s new.”


Have you ever had a certain outfit that packed like a dream? You can take it right out of the suitcase and it’s ready to wear? That’s what Chicos Travelers Collection is like. It’s so low maintenance you don’t have to worry about ironing and for someone who hates ironing, that’s a plus.

Thank You Chico’s 

Looking through your fall collection made me feel a little bit like Cinderella. It’s so much fun to have my fairy godmother (aka Catherine) bring me one beautiful outfit after another to try on. It’s so magical seeing what she thinks that I will like and she’s always right on target. The problem is just choosing one outfit!

Which Would You Choose?

Here are the selections I tried on. See if you can guess which one I chose.


Black and white Chico's

Now that the weather has turned a little cooler this jacket would feel awesome and it was so comfortable.

Black and white Chico's

I liked the shirt so much I asked Catherine if we could show it to you without me wearing it. We put a black hat and zebra pattern purse with it and it looked  fantastic.

white top Chicos

This top felt wonderful because it was lined with something so soft it felt like fur. The silver choker necklace and earrings were a hit with me, too. I just got my air cut and I loved the way the earrings looked.

green blouse

This off the shoulder look is popular and the long necklace goes great with tunic tops. I loved the green color and the white pants were winter white and oh, so comfortable!

black tunic

I guess by now you can tell I was drawn to the black and white. This silky feeling black top went with the leggings I tried on earlier and I loved the bracelet. I have little bony wrists and usually bracelets fall off of them, but not these!

brown and white top

This top is from the Travelers Collection and I loved the different colors and long lines. It would be great for work or shopping!

Cinderella Only Got to Choose One

How about it friends? Which one would you choose? Leave me a comment and tell me and I’ll let you know who guesses correctly!


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  1. Each and every outfit is so pretty! I love Chicos. You look fantastic in each one. If I were shopping for myself I’d pick the black tunic and patterned leggings outfit as I think that would look the best on me. For you the first outfit looked really young and fun!

  2. Penny Page-Rush 10 Oct, 2016

    Miss Teresa,
    I would say either the first picture or the last picture??

  3. I’d choose the color block top from the Traveler’s Collection! Love it!
    I think you’d choose the green open- shouldered top as it’s trendy right now…..or the flattering white top that frames your face so beautifully!
    I love Chicos….your comments and modeling really help for next time I shop! I like all of these and won’t waste time wondering and wandering!
    Thanks, Teresa!

  4. Your post makes me realize that I’m long overdue for a Chico’s visit–everything looks terrific! I’ll guess that you went for the black top and patterned black-and-white leggings.

  5. I think you picked the black/white with jacket and be happy shirt or the long black top with b/w leggings! That green shirt looked great on you though and those big earrings did too!!!

  6. teresak 10 Oct, 2016

    Thanks so much for commenting! I’ll reply Wednesday and let everyone know which one I picked. Don’t want to spoil it for the others!

  7. Rhonda 10 Oct, 2016

    #1. It is so you!!!! And the saying on the shirt , I can hear you saying that to your students or grandchildren or children or anybody!!!!!!??

  8. You looked beautiful in each one. My favorite was the first one because it looked so comfortable!

  9. You make a great model Teresa! 🙂

  10. I LOVE Chicos clothing and jewelry. Conservative and femine, clothing for all occasions.

  11. You look like you had so much fun, I love the black and white and I LOVE Chico’s they have so many fun things. Great quality!

    Thanks for the party too! Have a great week!:)

  12. You look beautiful! You are their perfect model!

  13. They all look beautiful on you! Thanks for linking up for Wordless Wednesday.

  14. You look great in all outfits. I think the first outfit is the best. (Love your glasses too!)

  15. Chicos is awesome. I still wear their travel clothes years after I purchased them. It’s true – lightweight and no wrinkles. I would buy more but they don’t have stores in New Zealand.

  16. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    Thank you for commenting and order online!!!!

  17. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    Thanks Kristi! I appreciate it!

  18. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    Thanks for commenting!

  19. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    Aww, thank you Mitch!

  20. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    Thanks Karren, it’s so much fun!

  21. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    Thank you Debbie! I love them too!

  22. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    Thank you so much for commenting and linking up!

  23. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    You are right! It was the most comfortable and the one I picked!

  24. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    You are right Rhonda! Good guess!

  25. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    Thank you Ash! I loved the leggings but the jacket was a little tight. Got the leggings and the white top!

  26. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    You guessed right and I love it! Thanks Roxanne!

  27. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    Thank you so much sweet Joan! Shop on!

  28. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    It was the black and white leggings and white top!

  29. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    I ended up getting the white top and those leggings and purchased the black because I loved both!

  30. You have the cutest little figure to fit in these beautiful and stylish clothes, Teresa! Thanks for being our model and giving us some great ideas on sprucing up the old fall wardrobe!

  31. teresak 12 Oct, 2016

    Oh Beth, you have made my day, my year! Thank you for the sweet complement.

  32. You look cute in all of them!

  33. teresak 17 Oct, 2016

    Thanks so much Cathy! Love their clothes!