Would You Rent a Nana?

Yesterday I read an online story about a company in California that is a little unusual. You can call them to rent a nana. That’s right. They call it Rent a Grandma, but since this is NanaHood I referred to it as Rent a Nana. Whatever you choose to call it, it’s a little strange.
I understand the premise behind the company.  They say,  “Imagine if you didn’t have a grandma around anymore or if she just lived too far away. Wouldn’t it be great to hire someone that was like a grandma? That’s the thought behind the Los Angeles based Rent-A-Grandma.”

Rent-A-Grandma  promises ” mature women over 50 years of age.” Grandmas can be hired as a:

  • Nanny (OK, I can see this working)
  • Household Maintenance Staff  (Not sure about this)
  • Large Estate Management Staff (or this)
  • Chef (Definitely don’t want this job)
  • Personal Assistant (Maybe)
  • Pet Sitter (Depends on the pet. No way is this Nana babysitting a boa constrictor)
  • Elderly Caretaker  (I thought this was Rent a Grandma, not Rent a nurse?)
  • Party Helper (What kind of parties? How often and who cleans up?)

I’m not sure how well the president of this company knows nanas. He said, “Women in their 50’s don’t text or tweet while they’re watching your kids.” (Obviously they haven’t met many modern nanas)

Rent-A-Grandma’s website promotes the grandmotherly image with a list of folk remedies for insomnia, toothaches, pink eye and other ailments, as well as tweeting sayings and advice from grandma. Most recently grandma tweeted, “Growing older is merely a matter of feeling your corns rather than feeling your oats.”

I can’t help it. After reading this and visiting their website I felt like I had been stereo-typed and I didn’t like it.  The grandmother they describe was more like “my” grandmother. Today’s grandmother is not always the “stay home and knit while I bake a batch of homemade cookies” type of nana.

Right now this company is only in California but it may expand and become a national chain.

If you are interested in renting yours truly please call for an appointment several months in advance and don’t expect me to clean or cook. If I want to do that I can stay home!


  1. Funny – I live in Cali and I have not heard of it… I think it’s a great idea for an elderly woman – who looks old or acts old.. (thus having a hard time getting a job in this tight economy) Many of my high school friends are Nanas now and we are sooooo FAR from being “my” grandma..lol
    Fun post.
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  2. Tricia Roca 10 Jun, 2011

    This article made me LOL!! Too funny and right on the mark. I am such a different Gigi to my 2-year-old grandson than my mom was a Nannie to my children!

  3. Loved your article – very funny! And as a sandwich generation granny nanny, I have to say – I, too, write, Facebook, and tweet when I am babysitting grandchildren. Often about them 😉 On a more serious note – a sweet, experienced grandma could be a big blessing to so many kids nowadays! And it is nice to know that I do have interesting opportunities after they all grow up 😉 . Thanks for a fun chuckle.

  4. LOL, Awesome Post and cute and fun to read blog, following you now!
    Angela & Angelica

  5. teresak 13 Jun, 2011

    Thanks for the follow! Blessings to you and I’ll visit you later today!

  6. teresak 13 Jun, 2011

    I agree, Kaye! Thanks for visiting NanaHood and commenting. Come back again soon!

  7. teresak 13 Jun, 2011

    We are Tech-know-Nanas! Ha

  8. teresak 13 Jun, 2011

    I think they said it’s based in LA. Blessings to you and thanks for visiting NanaHood!