Woodstock Georgia Weekend Wedding

We went to Woodstock, Georgia this weekend for a wedding. I had ever even heard of Woodstock, except the rock festival in the 60s. It was a beautiful weekend filled with friends, food and laughter. I won’t share all 10,000 of my photos with you but I have to share a few!

Adventure in Woodstock Georgia

While we were waiting for the wedding to start we went on an adventure in downtown Woodstock, Georgia. There were just three of us and we have known each other since high school so we talked non-stop but we saw some cool things and visited some fun shops.

They were having some sort of October festival and all the stores had done displays along a grassy area. This is my friend Annette hanging out with some unseemly characters. I do hope you can tell which one is Annette.

There was a lady pumping pumpkins representing a fitness center. Isn’t she cool?

There were tons more of fun displays to look at but we knew we needed to keep moving if we were going to look in the shops and have lunch before the wedding. This is Annette in front Spirited Boutique,  we went in and almost didn’t come out. We seriously loved everything in the store, from the jewelry to the clothes. We tried on tons of things and had a great time there. If you are ever in the area do drop by!

I played in the jewelry forever and wanted to buy one of everything….but I didn’t. Annette did get one necklace. We were all very restrained considering we all love to shop.

All the clothes had a layered look and lots of Bohemian things. I loved it. I’m an old hippie at heart even though I didn’t go to Woodstock and was much too young for most things in the 60s.

I loved this purse and it was real leather. I didn’t love the price tag so it’s still in the store.

It wasn’t a large store but there was so much to see we could have spent hours there.

This is my friend Teresa Mosier Perez. I picked up this sign and made her hold it while I snapped her picture. She is the definition of “Fashionista.”  If it isn’t in her closet, it’s because it wouldn’t fit in there. She has more beautiful clothes, purses and shoes than anyone I know. When we were in high school she borrowed my clothes more than any other friend. Sure wish I lived closer to her so I could borrow hers now!

This is the Century House Tavern where we had lunch. Oh my goodness, was it delicious! The service was great too. They knew we were in a hurry and they got us in and out so fast it was amazing!


woodstock georgia

My friend and I split the fish and chips and I have to say I was sorry I had to share the cole slaw with her. I think it was the best slaw I have ever eaten.


woodstock georgia

My other friend got an Heirloom Tomato Salad and Salmon and I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a pretty plate of food. She devoured it and said it was delicious too!

We had a ton of fun in Woodstock but we had to hurry back to the hotel, get dressed and get to the wedding. The venue was unbelievable.

Congratulations to Tanner and Kimberly and to the parents of the bride and groom. My friends Pam and Bill Sayne are the parents of the groom and it was so wonderful to be a part of one of the happiest days of their lives.

And I got to see their sweet Momma. I call her Momma Versie. She raised 4 wonderful daughters who are all like sisters to me and getting to spend time with her was such a blessing.

woodstock georgia


My friend, Pam, the mother of the groom in the beautiful blue dress in the center surrounded by her friends.


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  1. Teresa Mosier 16 Oct, 2017

    You are the best. You and Annette made my weekend! Loved all the photos and your posts!
    You are my rocking girlfriend writer and I love these and you.

  2. That looks so much fun!!!

  3. What a nice fun post I enjoyed the photos 🙂

    Have a funtastic week 🙂

  4. Lovely wedding, great food, and fun at the store – great post.

  5. What a fun weekend trip! The town looks really cute and the wedding looked beautiful.

  6. What a beautiful wedding party and the backdrop is amazing! I saw it on Instagram and you look beautiful!!
    Thanks for hosting, be sure to stop by #omhgww this week!
    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Very nice. That town looks like a place that I would enjoy. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  8. teresak 17 Oct, 2017

    I bet you would love it Patrick! So much personality!

  9. teresak 17 Oct, 2017

    Thanks Karren! It was a fun weekend!

  10. teresak 17 Oct, 2017

    It was wonderful! Thanks for commenting Dara!

  11. teresak 17 Oct, 2017

    Thanks so much Carol! It was fun!

  12. My oh my – what interesting company you keep! 🙂
    Love the photos – have a great week Teresa!

  13. That looks like such a fun weekend. You were surrounded by great food, great people, a wedding and shopping!

  14. How fun. Nothing like a weekend trip/wedding with good friends.

  15. My daughter works with a wedding planner in Atlanta, and they go to nearby cities, so I had to look in the background of your pictures just in case she was working the wedding. Didn’t see her. 🙁

  16. Looks like a wonderful weekend and some fun shopping too. Woodstock from the 60’s ? wasn’t that in New York??

  17. Looks like a gorgeous wedding! And that boutique looks pretty cool. I don’t think I would be able to leave so easily from that store!

  18. What a beautiful location for their wedding! How wonderful.

  19. Rachel 18 Oct, 2017

    Loved the photos and stories along with them!