VTECH Phones and Earthquake Cake

If you visit NanaHood on a regular basis you know I don’t review products very often, but occasionally one comes along that is so cool I just have to tell you about it. I had never even heard of VTECH until they contacted me. The phone she wanted me to try out sounded awesome.

“Ideal for busy home multitaskers such as parents and work-at-home professionals, the new LS6475-3 (MSRP: $99.95) comes with a regular handset plus a comfortable cordless headset mounted directly on the base – making hands-free conversations a snap while working, cooking or managing other household tasks.”

I am definitely a multitasker (aren’t most women) but I am NOT very techy, so I wondered if I could actually operate it. I decided to give it a go and was really pleased with what it looked like.

The first thing I noticed about this phone is that it talks to me…that’s right. It doesn’t just have Caller ID, it tells you who it is. This comes in very handy when you are busy and someone calls you that you want to mail to Iceland. (If you don’t know what that means click on this to read last week’s post about mailing people)

The second thing I noticed about the phone is that it frees up my hands so that I can do other things in the kitchen, like cook.

You have to look closely to see my headset but yes, I’m talking on the phone!

There are more cool VTECH phones and you can read about them here  Cool Phones

Just in case you are curious I was making an Earthquake Cake. Recipe follows. Phone is super cool and cake is delish!  Think I’ll go eat a piece of cake now….


Earthquake Cake

1 cup nuts (chopped)

I cup coconut

1 pkg German Chocolate cake mix

1 box powdered sugar

1 box dream cheese

1 stick butter

Grease cake pan. Mix coconut and chopped nuts

Fix German chocolate cake mix as directed

pour over nut mixture

mix powdered sugar, cream cheese and melted butter until smooth

Spoon into cake

Bake at 350 for 35 minutes


  1. I’m happy with my old phone, but I will try your Earthquake Cake. Sounds delish!

  2. I’ve been using headset phones for 25 years and they are handy. I like the name calling on the caller id. I’d be tempted to put nicknames in and have some fun with it.

  3. teresak 27 Jun, 2011

    Here’s what a friend of mine had to say about their talking phone….
    “We have a talking phone too and love it! Jonathan has programmed it to say people’s nicknames when they call- I am “Miss Grouch” and Stevi is “Intelligence” b/c he says she thinks she knows it all. He gets real creative with his nicknames. 🙂