Today is National Agriculture Day-Hug a Farmer!

I love farmers. Always have, always will. Both my grandfathers were farmers and so was my dad. Sadly, they are all gone now, so I can’t hug them, but I still have lots of farmers in my life.

In case you didn’t know we own and operate a blueberry farm. You can read about it at  We are
Kentucky’s Official Blueberry Farm!
Farming is hard work with no guarantees. Too much rain….crops drown. Too much sun…no rain….they fry. Then there are the bugs, weeds, and plant diseases.

If you live in a city make sure your children grow up knowing and appreciating where their food comes from. You can visit and share the Fun Facts with your children or grandchildren, but a better idea would be to take them to visit a farm.

We would love for you to visit ours in June and July of next year (our first big harvest)!

If you want to read more about farmers and meet some really cool people I suggest you read the following book…

I have a story in there, but I loved all the accounts of life on the farm and think you will too! You can order the book from or Barnes and Noble.

So Happy Ag Day!

When you eat your supper tonight give thanks to God first, then thank a farmer too!

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