Super Swiffer!

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There is always something going on at my house. We have a house full of people and two dogs that think they own the house and are nice enough to let us humans live here. Add to that mix-several grandchildren who visit at least once or twice a week and you get one very dirty hardwood floor.  So when Swiffer asked me to test their new Swiffer Steamboost mop I was anxious to see what it could do.

Swiffer Steamboat

It looked like the picture above when I took it out of the box. My husband helped me snap it together (Less than 5 minutes) and quick as a flash we were ready to test it out.

Swiffer mop

The hubs got the mop ready to go and the oldest granddaughter watched from the kitchen as I encouraged him to take the mop for a “test drive.” I figured if I made it sound like he was getting ready to go for a spin in a sports car he might feel more inclined to do some mopping.

My plan worked!

After just a few minutes of mopping look what came off my floor!

Dirty mop

I really believe this mop works better due to the water/heat/steam combination. I plan on using it (or tricking my husband into using it) all over the house! Of course I will probably have to use several pads to get the floor clean but they are easy to replace and the mop is so easy to use that it’s not a big deal. In fact, it’s fun! Just ask my husband!
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  1. Steam Mops are AWESOME! I had no clue Swiffer had came out with one. I just got a new shark for Christmas, but will keep in mind the Swiffer one for when this one breaks down. Some how I seem to run through steam mops, wonder if I over use them lol. Honestly though I don’t think I will ever go back to chemicals on my floors or the old mop and bucket again.

    I did notice it uses disposable pads, do you happen to know if you can get reusable pads to use with it?

  2. teresak 16 Jan, 2014

    Yes, it does have pads and I should have mentioned that in my post! Keep on mopping, girl. You sound like you have a lot going on in your house too! Best to you,