Nana’s Lap

So far this morning Abby and I have watched Handy Manny (I wish I had a singing, dancing tool box) and Micky Mouse Club House. We’ve played with puppets and read a book, the same book, five or six times.  Why do you young children like the same book read over and over again?  I think it’s a comfort thing. They like knowing what is going to happen next and they can pretend they are reading along with you. And then there is just something magical about sitting in Nana’s lap!

Instead of reviewing a book for you that Abby and I like to read, I’m going to remind you of some of the reasons why we should all read to our children and grandchildren.  So look them over and then go grab a book, a child (preferably one you know) and read!

*Reading Aloud Together Makes Magic – It’s like going on an adventure together where you meet new people, explore and learn together.


Reading takes you places you wouldn’t go otherwise.


*Reading Aloud Together Builds Imagination Skills


*Reading Aloud Together Helps Language Development, Improves Vocabulary and Is Just Plain Fun!



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  1. You make excellent points about the importance of reading. But it’s still essential to have some really good books, ones that you will enjoy reading over and over just as much as the kids will. I like the ones written in verse or at least in rhythmic prose. I used to hide certain books from my children because I couldn’t stand to read them. They just clomped along. I like books that sing and dance.