NanaHood is Having a Birthday!

NanaHood is having a birthday and we want you to celebrate with us! All this week, August 8th through the 13th we will be having a 20% off sale in our NanaHood Shop. That’s right, every item in the store is 20% off!

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In addition to that we are giving away a $100 gift card to If you have access to the Internet and shop at Amazon you can enter no matter where you live and I’ll send the card to your email.


Fun Facts About NanaHood You May Not Know

  1. NanaHood came about as a direct result of the “One door shuts and another door opens,” concept. I had been writing a magazine column for 13 years (Kindred Spirits) and the magazine changed formats and no longer wanted to run my column. After some thought I decided I wasn’t ready to give up writing and started NanaHood: The Second Half of the Motherhood Journey. I’m so glad I did!
  2. I love hearing from other grandparents and often meet them through my other social media outlets. NanaHood’s Facebook page has almost 23,500 Likes! Twitter followers-3021 Pinterest-1717 and Instagram– 953 If you are on any of these I’d love to follow you back!
  3. My passions are my family, my faith, and my friends. I’m also a dog lover and at present we have 7 dogs. Yes, that’s a lot but they are family. I have a board on Pinterest called “I Love Dogs” that you would enjoy if you are a dog lover too!

Birthday Present for NanaHood

It would thrill me beyond measure if you would give NanaHood the gift of your subscription. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of the page until you see “SUBSCRIBE TO and enter your email in the box below those words and that’s it! NanaHood will appear in your email every time there is a new post!

Thank you friends for visiting me here and for all your support over the past 7 years. I sincerely appreciate you!

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  1. Kiera 8 Aug, 2016

    I love the bracelets!! And so glad you started Nanahood!!

  2. Eileen 8 Aug, 2016

    Happy Birthday NanaHood! Wishing you endless blogging and great success ~
    Eileen and Jamie, Blueberry Bear Tales

  3. NanaHood 8 Aug, 2016

    Thank you for commenting and for just being you! You are awesome!

  4. pioneerpat1 8 Aug, 2016

    Congrats and Happy Birthday Blessings.

  5. Happy Birthday and a big congratulations from me too have a sparkletastic day 🙂

  6. Congratulations and a very Happy Birthday! Even with busy schedules,I always love reading your posts.Those are really inspiring!! Hope to read more interesting posts in future too…
    – Amila

  7. NanaHood 9 Aug, 2016

    Thank you so much! I appreciate that Amila!

  8. NanaHood 9 Aug, 2016

    You too Steve!

  9. NanaHood 9 Aug, 2016

    Thank you so much!

  10. NanaHood 9 Aug, 2016

    Love this!!!! I’m honored. Tell Jaime thank you!!!!

  11. Joan Stommen 9 Aug, 2016

    Happy Anniversary dear friend! I will definitely subscribe…how many times do I ask myself…” How did i miss this!?” You have given so much to so many and I’ve loved watching you blossom, bloom…just explode into so many arenas with perfection! Bravo, Hufs and Cheers!

  12. Diane 9 Aug, 2016

    Happy, happy anniversary, Kindred Spirit! So happy that you decided to ‘keep on writing’! 🙂

  13. LydiaCLee 9 Aug, 2016

    Happy birthday!!

  14. alissa4illustration 9 Aug, 2016

    Happy Birthday!!! I like the Grandma Themed Bracelets. I love that they have a little something to say on them.

  15. Tonya 9 Aug, 2016

    Happy Birthday! I actually didn’t even realize you had a shop, but now that I do I’ll have to keep it in mind come Christmas! 🙂

  16. Tonya 9 Aug, 2016

    I really like the small silver box

  17. NanaHood 9 Aug, 2016

    Thanks Tonya!

  18. NanaHood 9 Aug, 2016

    Thanks Alissa! I appreciate that!

  19. NanaHood 9 Aug, 2016

    Thank you so much Diane! I really appreciate that!

  20. NanaHood 9 Aug, 2016

    You are awesome and I think YOU are the one who is continuing to blossom! Hugs!

  21. Wow, seven years! That’s a great accomplishement! Happy Birthday and thanks so much for the linkup, Teresa!

  22. Terri C 9 Aug, 2016

    I love the Nana round keychain. Congratulations on 7 years!

  23. Merlinda Little 10 Aug, 2016

    The Bracelet looks amazing in your shop! I followed in twitter and instagram and subscribe in email! Fingers crossed with the competition!

    Happy Birthday =)

  24. homemom3 10 Aug, 2016

    Not a grandma yet so I’d go with the single square “Mom” charm. Congratulations on your Nanahood birthday. 🙂

  25. Congratulations!

  26. You are amazing and awesome, Miss Teresa. I love you, and what you’re doing with Nanahood, Long may you reign!

  27. NanaHood 10 Aug, 2016

    Thank you sweet Susan in the Boonies! We need a girl party with you, me and Anne!

  28. NanaHood 10 Aug, 2016

    Thank you!

  29. NanaHood 10 Aug, 2016

    Thank you so much!

  30. NanaHood 10 Aug, 2016

    Thanks so much Merlinda!

  31. NanaHood 10 Aug, 2016

    Thank you Terri! I appreciate that!

  32. NanaHood 10 Aug, 2016

    It’s gone by fast, Beth. Life has a way of doing that! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  33. Happy Birthday NanaHood! Congrats on your anniversary.

  34. I love the Nana purse mirror- I could see my mom (RIP) totally rocking that in her Dooney 🙂 Thank you for the chance and Happy Birthday to NanaHood!

  35. teresak 12 Aug, 2016

    Thanks for stopping by Tyneisha!

  36. Tammy Woodall 12 Aug, 2016

    Happy Birthday & Congratulations. I really like the Nana Bookmark (for Grandmothers). My Mom is an avid reader and this would make a perfect gift for the kids to give to her.

  37. Eileen 13 Aug, 2016

    Have a blueberry bursting birthday!

  38. teresak 14 Aug, 2016

    Thanks for stopping by!