Memorial Day Memories

It’s Memorial Day weekend and many will be putting flowers on graves this weekend.  Have you ever wondered how Memorial Day got started? If so, you can go here to read about it:

The short version is that it started as a way to honor those who died fighting for their country.

One young man that will be remembered by many this weekend is Petty Officer Jon Tumilson, 35, from San Diego, He was one of 30 troops killed in Afghanistan last year when a Chinook helicopter was shot down by Taliban insurgents .

During the service, attended by 1500 people, his Labrador Hawkeye walked up to the casket, heaved a sigh and lay down in front of it for the duration of the memorial.

Hawkeye is pictured below by Jon’s casket.

Hawkeye at Jon's casket.

Jon’s friend agreed to take Hawkeye to live with him.

There are no words of comfort good enough in situations like this but I hope it helps to know that we remember our fallen soldiers and our hearts ache for their families and for the friends and pets they leave behind.

You can read the full story here:

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  1. I remember that picture …saw it on the Internet last year and I remember crying over it.

    My grandson Brent is named after Sergeant First Class Brent Adams. Brent was my son’s platoon/motor sergeant during his combat tour in Iraq. On 12/01/2005, he lost his life to an insurgent rocket attack on his truck during a convoy in Ramadi, Iraq. My son was supposed to be the driver that day but he’d been out on a mission for 24 hours and was exhausted so Brent volunteered to take his place.
    A husband, father, son and hero. Never forgotten.