Making Memories Monday and Wearing Pajamas to Work


My boys are seniors in high school this year and they have a unique problem. They have their aunt as their principal and their mom teaches two classes at their school every morning. They just can’t get away with anything! I’m teasing. They are really good guys and their dad and I couldn’t be more proud of them but tomorrow (I’m writing this on Sunday night) they are probably going to be very embarrassed. In fact, they may be embarrassed every day this week. It’s homecoming week and tomorrow is pajama day.

I have my favorite pair of pj’s on and my bathrobe ready to go. Tomorrow morning I will roll out of bed, brush my teeth and hair, throw on my robe, and slip on my purple house shoes with the little white fuzzy sheep all over them and go to work. Aren’t you pea-green with envy?

I think we should make it a national holiday. Once a year everyone should wear pajamas to work. Actually I’ve seen people (especially teenagers) in stores with pajama bottoms on occasionally. I think it must be some sort of fad or fashion statement, but truthfully to me they just look like they are too lazy to get dressed.

Anyway, this nana will be making some memories for her boys (who are NOT participating in pajama day…fuddie duddies). All teasing aside, my boys are actually really good sports about most things and I don’t really think having their mom at school in her pajamas will bother them. I’ll let you know if I’m wrong.

If you are viewing this in the morning be sure and visit NanaHood again late in the day and I’ll have some pictures for you.

Oh the things we teachers do for our students!

Monday Morning-I have my pajamas and bathrobe on and I’m ready to walk out the door but suddenly I am remembering a dream I had growing up, the one where you show up at school in  your pajamas. What if I got it wrong and today ISN”T pajama day? Now that would be embarrassing!

It was pajama day! Aren't Melinda and I cute?

It was pajama day! Aren't Melinda and I cute?

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  1. Rachel 11 Oct, 2010

    Love it! I always look forward to PJ day! =)