He Gets By With A Little Help From His Hanes

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Hanes FreshIQ

I love my husband and my sons but sometimes they stink. They can’t help it. They are hard working men who sweat and let’s face it, sweat stinks. They don’t stink all the time, just when they are playing basketball, chopping wood or anything involving physical exercise. When they are physically active they need all the help they can get with perspiration odor so when I heard about Hanes FreshIQ  T-shirts, underwear and socks, I was hopeful.

Who wants to go around smelly, unless you are a skunk and then you don’t care!


*The Way it Works-FreshIQ attacks the odor-causing bacteria in clothes which causes them to smell.

Stocking Stuffers for Him

My only question for Hanes is what took you so long? These T-shirts and socks are ahhh-mazing! (I didn’t receive any underwear to review, and truthfully I wouldn’t have sniffed them anyway).

Hanes socks

I was brave enough to sniff the socks and the t-shirts after they wore them and whatever their secret ingredient is….it works!


Not only did it pass my sniff test, the guys loved the way the socks and t-shirts felt. If it’s soft enough for a guy to notice, then it’s really soft!

Santa’s List

Let’s be honest, we all need a little help from our friends and our friends at Hanes have found a way to make your men smell better. So, if you have some stinky (but sweet) guys on your list, be sure and shop for Hanes FreshIQ. Your guys will love wearing them and you will love that they smell better!

hanes list

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