GRANDdaughters are Grand!

If you are a first time visitor to NanaHood, Welcome. Every Wednesday I share photos and participate in several Blog Hops.  They are called Wordless Wednesday but most of us can’t keep our mouths shut and write some words anyway.  Of course I love to share photos of my GRANDdaughters so today’s post is dedicated to my newest (one month old) and my oldest (six years old) GRANDdaughters. Nana loves you both!

"It's tax season. I'm practicing my worried look."

"Wow, am I not the cutest tax deduction you've ever seen?"

"Nana's friend, Char, made me this hat. She has her own shop on Etsy called Delight Crochet. You should check it out!"

"I just love sleeping all day and keeping mom up at night!"

Oh the joys of little girls!

I made this picture with my cell phone. The sun shine was an accident but doesn't it make her look angelic?

  • Erika

    Lovely photos, but that last one is fabulous – looks very professional so the sunshine a very happy accident !

  • Amy

    Precious! I love the bridge picture…priceless! Your granddaughters are adorable.

  • Christy Ann

    Beautiful kids, and that last photo is pretty amazing!

  • Posh

    I know what you mean by that ‘worried look’

    Have a great WW- POSH

  • Avril

    Beautiful granddaughters you have !!!! Congrats on the latest arrival .. she’s gorgeous!!! The bridge photo is stunning – very angelic! Thanks for dropping by my blog and your comment

  • Stacey at RealWorldMom (Linky)

    Your granddaughters are beautiful! I *love* that hat!

  • Rajean

    Sweetness and yes, angelic. Wonderful bridge shot, hope you framed that!

  • claire

    Beautiful 🙂

  • teresak

    Thank you!

  • teresak

    Thanks Rajean, I’m going to frame it!

  • teresak

    Thanks, Stacey! I love it too!

  • teresak

    Thank you Avril, I so appreciate your comments!

  • teresak

    TAXES are NOT fun!

  • teresak

    Thank you Christy!

  • teresak

    Thank you Amy, I appreciate your comments!

  • teresak

    Thanks, Erika! I am sooo far from professional it’s funny, but love doing it. Blessings to you!