Have You Ever Eaten A Runza Sandwich?

We’re back with Martha today, but unfortunately no video. Being on the road brings a lot of technical challenges.

Runza LogoWe spend 4 weeks each summer in York, Nebraska – and because of Martha’s food allergies, we always drive. It’s a two day drive from Las Vegas to York, and literally the FIRST thing our family does when we hit the state of Nebraska is start counting down the miles to the closest Runza restaurant. We don’t have Runza in Nevada, because it is a (mostly) Nebraska chain, with something like 50 locations.

What is a Runza?

The Runza restaurants have been around for over 65 years, selling yummy beef and cabbage sandwich things (not a technical term). In our family when we make something similar, we call them “bierocks”, and my husband’s family calls them “kraut brot” (or something like that). The different names come from different nationalities making similar items – but essentially it’s breading, beef and cabbage… and at Runza, you can get a variety of options like cheese and mushrooms and more!

Besides the sandwiches, Runza also has really tasty chicken strips (Martha’s fave), and delicious crinkle cut fries AND onion rings. Because it’s hard to choose between fries and onion rings, they makes it easy by offering “FRINGS” (trademarked to Runza).

In the summer, we often go for ice cream (cones or dishes are $1.00), or mini milkshakes (also $1). Martha likes to get fries AND ice cream and dip them. (Silly girl)

Where can I get one?

Of course, the Runza sandwiches are what the restaurants are most known for, and the locations in York are busy most of the time. If you travel through Nebraska, you’ll need to watch for the green and yellow logo and be sure to stop and try one! When traveling on I-80 out of Colorado towards York, our first stop is ALWAYS, always in North Platte. You can even see the  sign from the Interstate.

They have locations down into Kansas and in Iowa too, so be sure to visit their website if you are looking for one!

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