Easy, Inexpensive Crafts for Children

Inexpensive crafts can keep your grandchildren busy on a rainy day so before we took our annual family vacation to the beach my daughter went to the local Dollar Tree and purchased some crafts we could do with the kids. Each craft was $1.00 plus tax. You just can’t get much cheaper than that! We had lots of sunshine while we were at Gulf Shores, Alabama but we did have two days of rain and I was so glad she thought to bring these crafts.

These were designed with young children in mind but even our older granddaughter enjoyed helping the little ones make their crafts.

This is my daughter showing them what they are about to create.

The stick on jewels can and do come off. If you have a grandchild who is at the stage where they put things in their mouth then they are too young for this craft! I learned this the hard way! Years ago my oldest granddaughter put one of these jewels up her nose. It required a visit to the pediatrician to get it out. Not a fun experience!

inexpensive crafts

Here they are working on their bracelets and putting the sticky jewels on them. Can you tell how hard they are concentrating? They loved decorating them and managed to decorate a few other things in the house with them as well!

inexpensive crafts

This is my daughter fitting the super hero mask on her niece. This craft was by far the favorite and most popular.

inexpensive crafts

Are these not the cutest little Super Heroes you have ever seen? We went to the movies after this and they insisted on wearing their masks to the theater. I wish I had thought to get material for capes but I didn’t. However if you get this for your grandchild that would be a fun addition!


Our family loves fooling around with the Boomerang App. If you haven’t played with it, its a lot of fun. Anyway, we asked Chandler to do his best Ninja move and then we recorded it on Boomerang. This is the result!

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  1. What a bargain for such a fun experience! Kids always love crafts and they are a benefit for so many reasons – motor skills, direction following, creative output and self satisfaction. I loved the enthusiasm in the video!

  2. Crafts are great! You can just have all kinds of colored paper, glue and scissors and make pictures (animals or people from shapes: circles, rectangles, triangles). Making forts is always fun, just using what is there-bedding and couch pillows and chairs!

  3. teresak 28 Aug, 2017

    I agree. Doesn’t have to be fancy!

  4. teresak 28 Aug, 2017

    I agree Joyce! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Everyone loves a superhero mask!!

  6. Those are good looking masks. What is it with kids sticking things up their nose? Something to laugh about when they’re all grown up but not a lot of fun when it happens. I love the little girl so excited by the prospect of jewels.

  7. The kids are so cute. Love the masks

  8. kids will definitely loveee the mask Nanaa..

  9. Its always a great idea to have handy crafts for those days when you have to stay inside!
    Thanks for hosting, have a great week!

  10. So cool. Looks like they had a super time.

    Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  11. teresak 29 Aug, 2017

    You too Patrick!

  12. teresak 29 Aug, 2017

    Thanks for stopping by Karren!

  13. teresak 29 Aug, 2017

    Thank you Indah, yes they did!

  14. teresak 29 Aug, 2017

    Thanks so much Carol. They had a blast!

  15. teresak 29 Aug, 2017

    I agree Jeanna! I still remember the color of the little jewell! And I remember how fast it disappeared!

  16. Love your family photos Teresa – your daughter is beautiful! 🙂

  17. Oh how charming and thoughtful these crafts are!

  18. teresak 29 Aug, 2017

    Thanks Lisa! Do come back again and visit!

  19. teresak 29 Aug, 2017

    Thank you sweet lady!

  20. The first hard rain showers brought by Harvey are making their way into south Arkansas right now, and I put out my watercolor set as a rainy day activity for tonight as well!

    Thanks for linking up, sharing these cute activities, and hosting!
    Have a great day!

  21. It’s hard to keep the kids entertained in rough weather. This is awesome.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ?

  22. teresak 30 Aug, 2017

    Thanks Sandee!

  23. Looks like they had a fantastic time! Have a wonderful weekend!

  24. teresak 5 Sep, 2017

    Thank you so much Kathe!

  25. THey’re so lucky to have a creative nana like you!

  26. teresak 11 Sep, 2017

    Bless your heart, I’m not creative but Char is. She’s who wrote the article. However, I know a good idea when I hear it and I’m going to start doing this!