Dance Photography

Dance photography is something I didn’t know anything about until I saw these pictures and started asking questions.

I love to watch dancers. They fascinate me with their energy and grace. I love watching everything from Hula dancing to ballet. Dancing With the Stars was once one of my favorite shows but I’m a little tired of it now, although I do still view it occasionally.

My friend’s daughter, Jerrica, has been dancing through life almost since she was born. She just graduated from high school and is majoring in Business and Dance in college. She just tried out for Western Kentucky University’s Dance Team, The Topperettes and she made the team!

Photography Meets Dance

Besides being a gifted dancer, Jerrica is a beautiful girl. When I saw these pictures of her I asked her mom if I could share them with you.

The photographer is Wayne Garmon (see his contact information below) and he had seen some pictures on YouTube that he wanted to mimic. He researched the method, the lighting and the shutter speed.

He used LED lights he ordered from Amazon and made his own battery/light belt which he then attached to Jerrica to get the colorful effects.

As you can see, it was a great idea. The photography (and the subject) are beautiful!

Dance Photography

Dance Photography

A long time ago I took square dancing with my mom. Neither one of us was particularly good but it was a lot of fun. Now my dancing is limited to the Hotdog Dance with the grandchildren!

Do you or any of your grandchildren dance?

Wayne Garmon Photography



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  1. Laura R 6 Jul, 2017

    Teresa, naturally I also love to watch all forms of dance! I feel blessed we get 4 more years to follow Jerrica’s dance journey thru WKU. You are so sweet with all your compliments about Jerrica! Great post about a wonderful form of artistic expression! Love you, my friend! ??

  2. Wayne Garmon 6 Jul, 2017

    Great article!! Thank you!

  3. These are beautiful! I like how the LED lights capture the motion yet the dancer’s face is in perfect focus.

  4. Sheila Garmon 7 Jul, 2017

    I think this photo is very beautiful and artistic!

  5. teresak 10 Jul, 2017

    Thank you Sheila, he’s a very talented photographer!

  6. teresak 10 Jul, 2017

    Thanks Peter. I agree. He’s a great photographer!

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog – it is great to meet you.
    Your blog is lovely and I am glad to find it.
    Have a great week! Mimi

  8. These are amazing photos! The artist has a wonderful command of lighting and design – everything!
    I was a fan of DWTS, until I begin to tire of it, too. Now I just watch if there’s a celeb I really like. I never grow tired of seeing the costumes, though. Jerrica’s is perfect for her photo shoot!

  9. What beautiful photos! The light’s movement drapes Jessica as if they were a garment. My granddaughter took beginning ballet classes this summer and enjoyed it very much.

  10. I dont have anyone that dances, but I have a daughter that teaches Zumba which has to take a lot of energy, more than I have.

    Thanks for hosting!

  11. These are brilliant and]so effective too 🙂

    Have a pirouettetastic day 🙂

  12. This is just stunning – thanks for sharing – happy WW to you!

  13. such a beautiful art! And I bet it’s not that easy at all to do that!

  14. What beautiful photos. I love music and dancing–but only for fun with the grandchildren. Four of my six granddaughters do tumbling, cheer, or gymnastics, but we don’t have any dancers in the group, which is rather surprising now that I think about it. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.


  15. teresak 11 Jul, 2017

    Grandchildren love to dance don’t they? They are so fun! Thank you for commenting Christie and do come back!

  16. teresak 11 Jul, 2017

    I think you are right Indah!

  17. teresak 11 Jul, 2017

    And to you my friend!

  18. teresak 11 Jul, 2017

    Thanks Steve and you have a great week too!

  19. teresak 11 Jul, 2017

    Zumba is hard! Good for her!

  20. These are fantastic images


  21. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week. Those are some truly beautiful photos. The only thing about dance is that I know I can’t do it.

  22. The lights provide a beautiful effect. I am impressed by the stop action on the dancer.

  23. teresak 11 Jul, 2017

    I loved them!

  24. teresak 11 Jul, 2017

    Thanks Patrick, I think the photographer is very talented.

  25. teresak 11 Jul, 2017

    Thank you Molly!

  26. I too love to watch most forms of dance. Your subject is beautiful and very graceful. Have a beautiful day!

  27. teresak 12 Jul, 2017

    Thank you but I am not the photographer, I just shared his photos. His credits are on the post. Thanks for linking up!

  28. How cool! I’ve seen some videos that have dance with lines incorporated. I love the motion shown.

  29. Very creative idea and worth the effort. You make me want to learn more, especially since it was so hit and miss taking dancing photos outdoors last week.

  30. teresak 12 Jul, 2017

    I agree Alissa! Thanks for stopping by!

  31. teresak 12 Jul, 2017

    You must be a professional photographer! How cool!

  32. Congratulations to your grand daughter!

  33. teresak 13 Jul, 2017

    Thank you sweet Joy, but she’s the daughter of a friend! I would gladly claim her as my granddaughter though!