Catch Me the Moon-A Book Review

Disclaimer: This post is a book review and sponsored. All thoughts and opinions are very much my own.

Catch Me the Moon is the sort of book I remember from my childhood. When I was a little girl my grandmother read me hundreds of books. She loved to read and so did my mother. As a result of their love of reading, I grew up to be a reader too.

This brightly illustrated picture book is a heartfelt story about the powerful connection between children and their grandparents. Catch Me the Moon will appeal to the young and their parents and grandparents as well.



“‘Catch me the moon,’ cries Madeline. ‘Okay,’ says Poppa. He makes her a “moon box.” But when she looks inside, the moon is never there. So Poppa finds a bigger box. And then one night, it happens…


But before it happens Poppa and Madeline have so much fun with their very large dog Stanley. If you visit NanaHood often you know that I love kids and dogs and this book has both.

It also has great interaction between the grandchild and the grandparent, which is another thing I love about the book.

Catch the moon


Inspired by Madeline’s complete faith that they will succeed, Poppa does find a way to catch the moon, but I’m not going to tell you how he does it. You have to read the book to find out!

This book is 32 pages and illustrates what all grandparents know, that our grandchildren believe we can do anything…even catch the moon. Madeline believes and Poppa finds a way to make her dream come true.

The book is written by Gary Hutchinson and Illustrated by Mike Motz.  The Kindle edition can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Indigo (Canada).  This is the publisher’s link.

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