Birthday Bash Game – Party Favor Scavenger Hunt!

A birthday party isn’t really a birthday party without party favors… and party games.  Our next game is a Party Favor Scavenger Hunt!  I’ve listed below six items that you need to find.  The idea is to find them on the internet and then provide a link to the item in the comments.

  1. Treat bags with a topper (birthday related)
  2. Lollipop
  3. Personalized candy bar wrappers
  4. Candy from a piñata (or just a piñata, if that’s easier)
  5. Party noisemaker / blow-er-out-er thingy (you know what I mean, right??)

Here’s an example of how to play:  Pretend that balloon animals was an entry on the list. You would google balloon animals, find a cute image and copy and paste the link in your comment.  (Like this link here:

Not TOO tough, right??

The prize for this game is a yummy bunch of mini CUPCAKES.


Yes, I said cupcakes!  Just read the description of these mini cupcakes from  “At once retro, nostalgic, and absolutely divine! Classic Vanilla- Madagascar-bourbon vanilla cake with vanilla-bean buttercream; Red Velvet- Southern light chocolate cake with cream cheese buttercream; and Milk Chocolate- Belgian milk chocolate cake with milk chocolate buttercream, make up this inspired Classic Collection paying homage to the pure flavors of classic Americana.”

Teresa is going to send these to the winner (and sorry folks, this means the game is only open to folks in the US).

Ok… now off with you… go find the items listed above and come back with links!  One winner will be picked at random around 10 p.m. central time.