Beach Bum

Visiting my cousin this week in Florida and loving being with her and going to the beach. This is Navarre Beach, near Pensacola. I should have been a beach bum, seriously.  


Here are two more bums for the day. This is my cousin and her daughter watching the kids. My chair was empty because I was making the picture. If you have never been to Navarre Beach it’s beautiful.


Are you a beach person or do you prefer the mountains? What have you been up to this week? Leave me some comment love and link up!


  1. I love the beach, it is so relaxing to hear the waves, make me so sleepy, I usually fall asleep. We live so far now, dont know when I will have an opportunity. Glad you enjoyed your trip.
    Have a great day!

  2. tabithablue 9 Jun, 2015

    One of my absolute favorite activities!!!! Welcome to Florida 🙂 I hope you thoroughly enjoy your time here!


  3. Jessica Fiorillo 9 Jun, 2015

    Pure bliss… Amazing shots – thanks for sharing.
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  4. pioneerpat1 9 Jun, 2015

    Very nice. Looks so relaxing.

  5. It does look beautiful yes 🙂
    Have a beachbumtastic week 🙂

  6. The beach soothes my spirit. Crashing waves, the smell of salty air, just perfect!!’

  7. I love them both and have the best of both worlds here at Lake Tahoe. Beautiful lake and beaches with the mountains right behind me! Thanks for the fun link-up Teresa!

  8. I used to live in South Florida – you’d have to pay me a lot of money to go back to the beach! I have fun exploring Nashville and all it has to offer. Thanks for hosting the linkup, and enjoy the beach! 😉


  9. aquariann 9 Jun, 2015

    What a beautiful beach! Delaware’s sand and sea color aren’t nearly as pretty, but wonderful, nonetheless.

  10. teresak 9 Jun, 2015

    I’ll take any beach any where any time!

  11. teresak 9 Jun, 2015

    Thanks Alicia! I love Nashville too!

  12. teresak 9 Jun, 2015

    Thanks so much Kimberly!

  13. teresak 9 Jun, 2015

    I agree!

  14. teresak 9 Jun, 2015

    Thank you Steve!

  15. teresak 9 Jun, 2015

    It is relaxing. Don’t want to go home!

  16. teresak 9 Jun, 2015

    Thanks, Jessica!

  17. teresak 9 Jun, 2015

    Thanks Tabitha! I love it here!

  18. teresak 9 Jun, 2015

    Thanks for visiting me Karren!

  19. The first beach I ever visited was in Florida and I’ve loved beaches ever since. Thanks for sharing!:)

  20. harrietb 9 Jun, 2015

    That does look very relaxing

  21. You r living the life! Any shark sightings, you keep hearing about them in shallow water in the news.

  22. Kaz @ MeltingMoments 9 Jun, 2015

    Lovely. I am definitely a beach goer. I am hating Winter and it has only been here a few weeks!

  23. That’s a beautiful area. I grew up not far from there. Thanks for joining us on Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday!


  24. Merlinda Little 10 Jun, 2015

    Looks so amazing there!

  25. Joyce Lansky 10 Jun, 2015

    I can’t wait to see my daughter in Florida.

  26. Ashleigh 10 Jun, 2015

    Thank you for hosting!! Have a great night! xx

  27. Clairejustineo 11 Jun, 2015

    Oh wow, it looks lovely there 🙂 I want to go to the beach !!

  28. teresak 12 Jun, 2015

    Thanks, Claire. It was lovely and we had a great time!

  29. teresak 12 Jun, 2015

    Hi Joyce! Hope you get to go soon!

  30. teresak 12 Jun, 2015

    It was! We had great fun!

  31. teresak 12 Jun, 2015

    And thank you for visiting me Shellie!

  32. teresak 12 Jun, 2015

    Not a winter gal either! Come visit the States!

  33. teresak 12 Jun, 2015

    Not there but at Cocoa Beach which is far away from where I was!

  34. teresak 12 Jun, 2015

    Thanks for visiting Paula. Florida beaches are beautiful!