Barns, Houses and Scenery

I love driving through the country and stopping to make pictures of things that interest me. I love barns, old houses and pretty scenery. I’m not so sure the people driving me understand or like me pulling over to snap photos, but they put up with me.

Sunday afternoon

The shadows and the trees appealed to me so I pulled over and snapped this photo. This isn’t far from my house and I’m blessed to be able to see such pretty scenery any time I want.

Barns and houses

The colors of the barn and the cattle caught my eye. My dad and both my grandfathers were farmers. As a child I went with them to salt the cattle every Sunday afternoon. Me and my cousins would pile into the jeep with my grandfather and off we’d go. I have so many sweet memories of those days.

old house

The lighting wasn’t the best for this one but this house looked like it had a story to tell. Wish I knew what the story was!


This is one of my favorites. Not sure why, but I just have this thing for barns. Maybe it’s the star at the top, or the feed sign at the side. Or maybe I just like barns. Here’s an article I found if you are interested in reading more about Kentucky barns.

What have you been up to this week and what do you enjoy photographing? This is a blog hop and I do hope you will link up! PLEASE-No more than 2 links per person! Thank you!


  1. I always look at derelict houses and think of the people who first lived there and how proud they’d have been of their home – it saddens me to see them go to ruin. The barns are really interesting – not something we have a lot of in Australia. Thanks for the link up x

  2. I love old barns, too. There are quite few around where I live and my kids love driving around looking them as well. Although I have never stopped to photograph them. Perhaps you have inspired me to the next we drive around looking at the old barns! These pictures are amazing and the barns are so interesting, for sure! Thanks for the link up and have a fabulous week!


  3. teresak 6 Mar, 2017

    Thanks Shelbee and if you do make photos of them I’d love to see them!

  4. teresak 6 Mar, 2017

    Hi Leanne, What do farmers use in Australia to keep their equipment and feed in? Thanks!

  5. That house really does look like it has a story to tell. I looks rather unstable! Lovely photos.

  6. Interesting shots – I’d love to see the same locations in 2 months with the green growth.

  7. That barn is great! I love photography. I enter competitions a bit now too. There’s so many interesting things out there, and ideas to express….

  8. teresak 6 Mar, 2017

    Thank you Lisa!

  9. teresak 6 Mar, 2017

    I’m sure I’ll go back!

  10. Thanks for hosting this blog hop. Create a button for your hop and I’ll add it to my party page. I like seeing old barns and houses too Teresa. At times I wonder what their life was like for the people who lived there. I’d love to go inside some of the old houses and look around. I saw your link at the GRAND Social No. 246. Shared on social media.

  11. Rachel 6 Mar, 2017

    I love barns too. Beautiful pictures!

  12. I also like old farm buildings. I like the very dilapidated ones and the ones that have been freshly painted. My favourites are old wool sheds with the livestock milling about.

  13. Lovely old barns, especially the red one, barns bring back childhood memories! have a great day!

  14. Beautiful photos especially the third one 🙂

  15. There’s a lot of cool old barns in my area, too! Sadly, we’re losing a lot of farms to cookie cutter developments, though. 🙁

  16. Lovely pictures. I would love to take a walk around here 🙂 Thanks for hosting.

  17. There are plenty of places like this within a short drive. I really need to take time to see the beauty in all things around me instead of the obvious. I’d love to get some good barn shots, though. 🙂 Nicely done!

  18. I love old barns – thanks for sharing!

  19. I love old barns. What beautiful pics. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful rest of the week.

  20. teresak 8 Mar, 2017

    Thank you Patrick. I love them too!

  21. teresak 8 Mar, 2017

    I love them too!

  22. teresak 8 Mar, 2017

    Thanks Cathy!

  23. Just popping back to answer your question Teresa – Aussie farmers have really big galvanized sheds – basically tin sheds that don’t rust and are enormous.

  24. teresak 15 Mar, 2017

    Interesting! I wish I could visit Australia some day and see for myself! Thanks so much for coming back again to answer. I love reading about other countries and different places!