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Hate Squishing the Girls? 5 Possible Mammogram Alternatives

This is a guest post written on a topic that I handpicked. Besides the fact that one of my dearest friends died from breast cancer last October, two other friends have daughters [...]

Disco Queens

Disco Queens is part II of my Viva Las Vegas post. If you missed it you might want to read it first so you know the background story. One of our sponsors [...]

Viva Las Vegas (Minus Elvis)

Remember the movie Viva Las Vegas that Elvis Presley starred in with Ann Margret? I must have seen it at least one hundred times. Come to think of it, I saw all [...]

Vegas In the Spring

Vegas in the spring is gorgeous! I had a great week in Vegas and want to share the story with you but for today it’s mostly pictures! How was your week? We [...]

Tips For Your Child or Grandchild’s First Hair Cut

I went with my daughter to watch my granddaughter get her first hair cut. It was more of a trim, but it was still a big deal. Momma was scared to watch [...]

In The Corner

Being told to, “Go stand in the corner” is something my grade school teachers did to students who misbehaved. I also remember a few of them drawing circles on the board and [...]

If I Could Change The World

If I could change the world I would start by making sure every child felt loved from the moment they were born. Why would I start with love? Because years ago I [...]

The GRANDparent Network

I love being a grandparent and I love blogging. When you combine those two things you get something called The GRANDparent Network. The GRANDparent Network is a newly formed and fast growing [...]

A Rainbow and Something Sweet

Last week I went to our church for a meeting and when I stepped outside and turned around I saw the most beautiful double rainbow. It was so beautiful and such a [...]

My Top Tips for Travel

My Top Tips for Travel Over the years I have had the opportunity to travel (not as much as I want to but more than some folks) and I have learned a [...]