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Arts and Crafts With Grandma

This is a guest post about arts and crafts you can make and do with your grandchildren, written by Nana Joyce. She has her own awesome blog at What Happens at Grandma’s. [...]

Hotdogs, Cool Ducks and a Paddle Boat

We had a family cookout last weekend and we had so much fun! The food was great. The little ones blew bubbles. We went for paddle boat rides and our farm ducks [...]

One Dish Chicken Pasta Recipe

Here’s a one dish chicken pasta recipe that will have your family asking for more! I am constantly looking for new recipes, things I think my family will enjoy. Last week I [...]

What Boomers Want

Laxatives. Depends. Lubricants. Viagra. Osteoporosis medicines. Walk-in bathtubs. Every time I open my email….that’s what I see. Advertisers have figured out how to bypass my spam box and so every day I [...]

Best Chattanooga Restaurants

We went to Chattanooga, Tennessee Easter weekend and my cousin and her husband who live in Florida drove up to meet us there. What did we do? We ate Sunday brunch at [...]

Mom’s Own Words

This is a guest post/interview with a new friend who is a mom blogger. Krisit Maloney who bogs at Mom’s Own Words. When did you start blogging and why? I started blogging [...]

5 Things Every Blogger Needs to Know

Here are 5 things every blogger needs to know before they start blogging! When I started blogging almost 5 years ago I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about what it [...]

Turn Out the Lights!

I went to pick my granddaughter up Monday morning and when I turned on the light in her room she took one look at me and then…. This is a blog hop. [...]

Deep Roots

Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But his delight is [...]

Taking Grandchildren to the Movies

Taking grandchildren to the movies can be a fun (if expensive) experience. My oldest granddaughter is 8 years old and for a week or so she has been asking me to take [...]

Stories from my grandparent-Book Review

One of the best things about the blogging world is meeting nice people with similar interests.  I can’t remember exactly when Susan Adcox and I met, but we have known each other [...]

How to Make a Great Pie Better

If you visit NanaHood often you know I love desserts. I’m one of those people who can skip the main meal and go straight to the sweet stuff! With Easter just around [...]

The Big Blue Nation

We are members of The Big Blue Nation! Basketball rules at our house and we are big, big University of Kentucky fans. If you live in a cave or don’t like basketball [...]

Nashville Road Trip

We live in southern Kentucky and love a Nashville road trip.  Especially since spring has finally arrived here in Kentucky. With warmer weather comes the urge to travel and to shop. It [...]